The Long Road Ahead


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If you and I had never met in the beginning, because of the great distance existing between the individual paths both of our lives had taken, both you and I would’ve become different people.

Xiao Ning was unmoving, never wanting to change. But, sadly, nothing ever stays the same. So, in the end—due to a remarkable set of circumstances—all he could do was carefully, and cautiously, allow himself to fall in love.

If the road we have to travel is so long, why not travel it with a companion?

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The Heavens are Vast and the Road is Long
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xjgg rated it
February 22, 2023
Status: Completed
wheeee I finally read another novel from this writer.

MC was a very, very cautious person. He hated confrontations, and he was used to giving safe, carefully neutral answers after turning the problems over a hundred times in his head. Ml, on the other hand, was a very frank, keen person who doesn't mince his words but also very considerate when he wanted to. ML found out mc's problem at their first meeting and seemed to have made it a mission for himself to keep poking MC until he spoke his... more>> mind honestly lol. I really like this writer, the writing style is more mature than most and focus so much on the characters' feelings. I also adore MC.

his love was unrequited for ten years, but he saw things clearly. He didn't resent his friend because he himself chose not to confess, his friend was not obliged to notice or reciprocate his feelings. He loved him silently, and also moved on silently. But his friend eventually noticed (or at least had a hunch) and didn't say anything about it (they stayed friends).

ML was someone MC needed. He was observant and capable of analyzing mc's feelings. He once went a bit too far and analyzed mc's love for his friend. MC was hurt and actually got angry (clapclapclap). The next day ML came over and genuinely apologized to MC. I love when adult characters actually acted like proper adults. The way they got together was a bit funny. ML got a bit angry with MC and left him in the restaurant, but came back all grumpy because MC was just too pitiful sitting alone in a daze. ML thought that MC was troublesome, but he just couldn't bear leaving him alone. And typical of ml's personality, he just. Kissed MC and directly told him "haven't we been dating this whole time?" MC was dumbfounded "??? We have???" and then they had s*x lol. Truly, if it wasn't for ml's very decisive nature this novel would double in size.


some unremarkable things I love about this novel


usually in cn novels, the writer steps back and says "no, actually mc's unrequited love wasn't love at all" to lift up ML and mc's painful unrequited love got resolved just like that. But here MC was rightfully angry because ML analyzed that he didn't love his friend at all, undermining his feelings. He got angry, stormed off, thought it over for the whole night, then once ML apologized, he admitted that ML maybe wasn't exactly wrong. There was no cringey moment of his friend realizing his feelings for MC and started chasing him, then MC apologetically saying "I'm sorry, I'm in love with someone else" then lamented how the tables had turned. That whole routine. His friend also stuck to his decision of not coming out to his parents. It was understandable, unlike ML with his wealthy, supportive family, mc's friend only had his old parents and his job he got through his own efforts. He just couldn't afford going all the way like MC who had no father and had been left behind by his mother since childhood, and had a rich supportive boyfriend with nice parents.

i also like how mc's mother, who abandoned him, when asked by MC whether she regretted leaving him behind, she didn't hastily say "yes". She thought it over and honestly answered MC that no, she didn't regret it. MC at least deserved that much honesty.


this is only the second novel i've read from this writer but this made me a bit sad: in both novels, there is a character who unconsciously was in love with MC but didn't come out until the very end. One was because he was traumatized by his cheating dad, and the other because he was too afraid to tell his parents. I need to read her other novel to know whether this is her signature pattern lol. <<less
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iampsyx rated it
January 11, 2023
Status: c62
Thank you to the translator for picking this up! (´, , •ω•, ,) ♡ I MTL-ed the rest of the novel, and the legibility was average compared to others (ie you understand the main gist, but the finer details might be lost). As for the translation itself, there are typos here and there but nothing deal-breaking (at least for me).

- - -

Summary: Due to his experiences while growing up, 30-year old Xiao Ning has become the type of person who keeps everything bottled up inside, turns the other cheek when... more>> punched, and lives life going along with the whims of others.

'Others' most often being his childhood friend and quasi-benefactor, Lu Yan, who he has also been in a painfully unrequited love with for more than a decade.

Xiao Ning's submissiveness and inability to make a clean break, as well as Lu Yan's insensitiveness, has turned their situation into one where Xiao Ning gets sexiled from their shared apartment everytime Lu Yan finds his new flavor-of-the-month. Which happens every three months or so.

And it seems like things would always stay this way, until Xiao Ning meets Shan Haiming, who he gets into a pretend relationship with after a series of events.

- - -

This is a pretty sweet and heart-warming story of how Xiao Ning slowly learns how to break out of his shell, how to love and be loved, and how to move on from his past.

I think some people might get annoyed by his inability to actually speak out his mind, his personality, or some of the choices he makes, and I admit that there were times when I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him — but he's learning! He just needs time. After all, readers are privy to information (like the ML's thoughts) that the characters have no way of knowing unless they find it out for themselves.

Xiao Ning has been a very, very lonely person for most of his life too. Insecurity, anxiety, and being a people-pleaser are just some of the baggage you receive while living under other people's roofs, especially as an abandoned child.

I was a bit surprised that the 2nd ML's storyline just got resolved (?) like that, but I suppose this way was better for the MC.

- - -

Not recommended for people looking for face-slapping plots, revenge on scummy people, or assertive MCs. <<less
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