After Rebirth, I Become Popular in the Entertainment Industry


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Tang Ziyou was reborn. In his previous life, he gave everything to his fiancé, actor Gu Jiuci, but he could not get the other party’s love. In this life, Tang Ziyou decided to let go. He took off the ring on his hand, moved out of Gu Jiuci’s house, returned to the entertainment industry, and proposed to dissolve the marriage contract.

Gu Jiuci was born in a wealthy family, handsome, had countless suitors, but he was engaged to Tang Ziyou.

A friend asked him: “How does it feel to be engaged?”

Gu Jiuci’s thin lips lightly opened: “Annoying.”

Knowing that Tang Ziyou wanted to dissolve the marriage contract, his friend raised his glass to congratulate him: “Now you aren’t annoyed.”

Gu Jiuci’s face was as heavy as iron, not only irritable but also flustered.

. . .

Gu Jiuci: “We were engaged when we were young.”

Tang Ziyou: “Outdated bad practices, you said, I understand.”

Gu Jiuci: “I am your fiancé.”

Tang Ziyou: “Fiancé does not equal husband, I know what you said.”

Gu Jiuci: “I don’t agree to dissolve the marriage contract!”

Tang Ziyou: “A marriage contract is just a marriage contract, and you don’t like it. I remember what you said.”

Gu Jiuci: …how can I beat myself to death!

. . .

Gu Jiuci discovered that Tang Ziyou really didn’t care about him anymore. Not only did he not care about him, but he also became popular in the entertainment circle and was liked by more and more people.

His brother: “You are not the only child in our family. Marrying me is also an option.”

His friend: “Don’t harm Xiao You, I will treat him well, don’t worry.”

Gu Jiuci was impatient: “Who said I don’t like him, stay away from my wife!”

Tang Ziyou: “Don’t talk nonsense, we’re already separated.”

Gu Jiuci: “Never separate, never separate! I will listen to you from now on, Xiao You, so don’t dissolve your marriage contract with me ok?”

Tang Ziyou: “Heh.”

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Rin Shouta
Rin Shouta rated it
October 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, I'm translator of this series. I'm not usually giving a review (because I'm too bias *heh)

It's okay if you don't like this series and give a 'bad' review. It's not your cup of a tea so I don't blame you. However, for new readers that haven't read it, please read this a bit spoiler (or explanation given by author)

... more>>

Many people used to guess whether Xiao Jiu loved him but didn’t know it. In fact, he didn’t know. He was too self-knowing. So after discovering that he had a good affection for Xiao You, he began to alienate him intentionally. The more you like it, the more you resist.

This book has shortcomings, not perfect. I know that many little angels (readers) like chasing their wives. The gong is really scumbag, he repents and chases his wife, but I don’t seem to be able to write this [covering face], because I think, if this is the case, why not change the gong? Just like Ying Nian and Tang Yu (can you tell me the story Author mentioned? I don’t read all Author’s works), Ying Nian is not wrong, Tang Yu is really scum, Tang Yu repented, chased his wife, but I still did not let him be with Ying Nian, I chose to change the gong. Because I think Ying Nian deserves better. So the setting of this book is that both gong and shou are wrong, so they can correct each other and start over after attacking and chasing his wife.

Why is Xiao Jiu unwilling to dissolve the marriage contract now? One is the promise to Grandpa mentioned in the previous chapter and the other is that he really likes Xiao you. Xiao You is very smart. He forced Xiao Jiu to get engaged. He did wrong, but I have to say that this is indeed the most effective method. If there is no responsibility after the engagement and a little bit of cohabitation, Xiao Jiu will not like a person easily.

But Xiao You was also not very smart because he did not do what he said. If it is not suitable, then separate. So Xiao Jiu from the previous life had a prejudice against him and wanted to wait a little longer, long enough to obliterate his unwillingness, and then be together with Xiao You.

In this life, Xiao You was born again, gave up and left, and fulfilled this promise by mistake. Xiao Jiu didn’t believe it at first, but later found in the hospital that he really wanted to set him free, and then he believed that he really wanted to dissolve the marriage contract, and then he was willing to look at their engagement again. That’s why he went to redeem Xiao You.

It’s not because Xiao You doesn’t love him anymore, he is not used to it, so he goes to redeem Xiao You.

Before talking in the hospital, he didn’t believe that Xiao You really wanted to leave, so his attitude has always been that ‘you don’t play hard to get, stop making trouble’. After talking in the hospital, he believed him. He felt that Xiao You had fulfilled his promise and didn’t lie to him. Only then did he start to re-examine this relationship and really want to redeem him.

After talking with grandma, his explosion was that grandma asked him to give up. He felt that it was grandma who let them be together. Grandma got him involved and now he is asked to give up. She never considered his will from beginning to end.

In general, Grandma, Xiao You, and Xiao Jiu are all at fault. Grandma made the mistake of repaying her favour by focusing on Xiao You. She did not consider the counter-effects brought about by this, and she did not take gentle and effective measures. Xiao You made the mistake of insisting at the beginning and not respecting Xiao Jiu’s will. After the forced request, he felt that Xiao Jiu still didn’t love him, but he was unwilling to let go. If he didn’t do what he said, he would break up. Xiao Jiu’s fault was that he was not honest enough. He obviously had a good impression of Xiao You, but because of his unwillingness, he was unwilling to get along well with Xiao You. So they took the wrong step and they were interested in each other later, but they didn’t get together well.


Give a try if you still want to read it~

If you ask me what impression do I have about this series, I just answer: "I can reflect myself how to love someone properly. I should love myself more before loving somebody else. Of course, even if I'm falling in love, I shouldn't lose myself or love them blindly that can't see around me before it's too late."

You're not alone in this world. Even you lose your beloved person, you still have everyone that care about you. Look around you, see it for yourself. Remember that. <<less
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XiaoPingGuo rated it
June 26, 2021
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings regarding this.

On one hand, I like novels that can make me clear out my tear glands. On the other hand, I feel like it's not enough!

Honest review: I give this either a 3.8, or a 4.3!

For a novel that's titled "After rebirth, I became popular in the entertainment circle", well..... there's only a few chapters that deal with that. Out of 43 chapters, only around 5~10 chapters have something to deal with film and movie-making, and the rest is mainly trying to sort out issues between... more>> our MC and ML.

On to the honest review:

Honestly, if I were to know MC and ML as real life acquaintances, I would disown them so fast and forgot their names because these two are idiots who only think of themselves and have only themselves in their own world. Luckily, they are fictional.

Their relationship:


To be honest, sice the entire novel is almost written in the MC's perspective, you cant help but root for MC and tr*sh on the ML in the beginning. However, when you get to reading how the ML actually thinks regarding MC, and his life in general, you start to pity the ML too. In the end, they are two bastards who just made the wrong decisions without talking to each other.

MC's part:


MC fell in love with ML when he was young, and that puppy love gradually increased when he got older. MC's parents passed away early and his grandfather is getting on his years, so his grandfather made a deal with grandma Gu to help take care of his only grandson. The easiest way to go about doing that is of course, with a marriage agreement. Because MC likes ML, the engagement is naturally given to ML instead of ML's older brother.

The story begins 3 months after grandpa passed away, and the engagement is set. MC actually rebirthed from around one year after the engagement was set. He remembered Gu Jiuci's last words to him being "I don't have time for your phonecall, etc" and decides that he wants to live for himself only. Hence, he decides to break off the engagement and leaves the house. After doing that, he resolves to return to the entertainment industry, all the while with ML trying to get him back, and the Gu family supporting MC.


ML's side:


Hooo boy, where do I even start here.

Let's see, if I were to become a young child of a wealthy family, I too would forget any kind of kinds trying to suck up to me when I was young. That includes all of the kids I talk to. So naturally, ML forgets that he met MC when he was young.

Let's start with why the ML was so against the engagement:

In the words of the novel itself, ML feels like he's an insignificant actor in MC's theatre. Whenever MC wants him to move, he will act. Whatever MC tells him to do, he will do. But when MC decides that he doesn't want ML in his play anymore, ML is just discarded and thrown away. Because MC was pitiful, because MC's parents and grandparents passed away, everyone was more accomodating to him. ML was "against" the engagement because despite knowing that ML did not have amourous feelings for MC, MC still wanted to be engaged to ML. However, ML actually wasn't really against it. He just wanted to wait one year, and tried to persuade MC to go back to work. But how can MC work after years and years of working hard? His parents died early. When other kids had their parents help them with homework, he only had his grandpa. When other kids had siblings whod play with them, he only had grandpa. Now that he's alone, he just wants to take a break.

ML, of course, does not understand. ML feels that if MC goes to work, one year will pass, and then they can build their relationships and ML will learn to love him. However, life is always full of accidents, and MC passed away before even a year was up.


I have so many mixed feelings but alas, I can't spoil them all. I definitely recommend this novel for those who wants to cry a bit, or even rage? Lolol.

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qeesa rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Giving this a 3* because I shipped MC with ML's brother lmao. I even ship him more with ML's bestfriend.

Honestly both of them were in the wrong in the past life, but ML was a d*ck to MC for his WHOLE life so idk why the author tries to whitwash ML for MC. They could've just gotten a divorce.

Would've rated this a 4* if MC ended up with the bestfriend and a 5* if he ended up with ML's brother honestly.
22 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
rhianirory rated it
July 2, 2021
Status: Completed
both are self-involved idiots who don't understand the concept of communication; so many things could have been resolved with a basic conversation. I wanted to slap both of them upside the head at multiple parts of the story. In the end, I didn't like either the MC or the ML and finished this story feeling nothing but irritated. It's a 2.5 and I'm really tempted to give this a 2 instead of rounding up to 3.

also, it's less about the entertainment circle and a lot more about the relationship. People... more>> looking for a decent entertainment focused rebirth story should look elsewhere. <<less
13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 16, 2022
Status: --
Before I read this I had read the reviews, which helped me be less judgemental towards Gu Jiuci.

So here is my rant:

About Gu Jiuci, If I put myself in his shoes I get how he feels being forced to be with someone he doesn't really like. So I understand it but... but... that doesn't mean you should be mean to him right? I mean like If I were put into a forced relationship I would at least try to get to know the person. You know make an effort to... more>> put my anger (on being forced into the marriage) away and get to know the person. What if the person turns out to be super nice and I fall in love? I mean like I have seen this happen right in front of me (I'm not telling who the people were). And if the relationship doesn't work out? Well, we'll see but first, you need to make an effort right? He needs to realise that he's married to another HUMAN BEING... They have feelings too.

They could have easily talked it out you know? Like I get it you are stuck in this forced relationship but you could have taken the effort to sit down and talk with each other. Maybe just sitting with each other at the dining table for three meals... just saying. Maybe then y'all could have seen that the other person is not that bad. Maybe love could have bloomed. Up till here, Gu Jiuci was fine tbh. But then the classic "He cannot love anyone else because I know he loves only me" ego came around and honestly? I hate that shit. Where do you get that ego from? You won't try and make an effort but you expect the other person to be there all the time as if they are your pet bird in the cage believing that they might fly off now but in the end, they will always come back. You see, patience... when it runs out can make people do some real shit. Gu Jiuci kept testing Tang Ziyou's patience again and again until it crossed his bottom line. Now go on and waddle about in your misery.

Overall I think the story is fine. I don't hate it at all actually and I think it's better than many of the other books with the same trope out there. HAVE A GREAT DAY READERS!! <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 5, 2021
Status: Completed
I would rather this be BE. They let go each other and go their separate way. That would be perfect ending cos not everyone deserve happy ending. They are both selfish so they need to be with someone who understand and accept them. Why every story ended with MC accept scum ML back.
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Psychoutre rated it
July 1, 2022
Status: c11
YUCK. ML is clearly a man-child that has no awareness whatsoever, and MC also shares a part of the blame for being quite passive. I would have given ML a beating with the way he acts in denial and spoiled! But let's not be like the MC and jump into conclusions I guess..

Note to self: Another 'wife-chasing crematorium' kind of story which obviously doesn't sit well with me who much prefers reading about an MC moving on!

Would have much preferred MC to go with either ML's brother or ML's friend.... more>> The novel was like watching someone play a bad otome game tbh. ML really doesn't have much going for him apart from his 'film emperor' title. There was so much potential.. Would have loved to see the MC strive and thrive in his career. But knowing that they end up together end-game demotivated me to continue with this. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
toshibi rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: Completed
It's better for them to break up for longer period of time. MC forgave him too fast.

In truth, I'd rather they both rebirth. I think it'd be better if MC went back to the time of making the engagement then break it and then having the ML who lived for a long time alone to rebirth after engagement is dissolved and chase after his wife. (Though that would become a totally different story)

... more>>

in the extra, if I have to choose between HE or BE. I think the BE was a better ending cuz the amnesia made him forgive him too easily.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
remyrem rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: Completed
If you want a good "MC breaks up with ML, who repents and woos MC back to his side" story, the brief period in Reborn As The Villain President's Lover (from the same writer) when ML and MC break up is honestly much better, even with the iffy TL work.

I really don't care about ML and actually genuinely want them to break up and for MC to move on. I even MTLed a few chapters and the ending and extras after reading all the currently TLed chapters, and honestly ... more>>

I was more satisfied with the BE, and even the amnesia HE was better than the actual ending. I would've been more invested in this CP if both MC and ML (post BE) time travelled, or even a continuation of the amnesia end where MC regains his memories but believes ML just feels guilty and doesn't really love him so still breaks up with him and ML then has to woo MC back into liking him.


Even after knowing ML's reasoning for being the way he is, I really can't feel good about him and all I can see him as is "scum gong". Yes, they both made mistakes, but I think rather than being a reason for them to try again, it's reason that they really aren't meant to be and should find better people. And I feel like the main reason it reads like this is because it's the author's own feelings accidentally coming out, since as the author said,

"The gong is really scumbag, he repents and chases his wife, but I don't seem to be able to write this [covering face], because I think, if this is the case, why not change the gong?"

Aiya, Lin Ang Si should stick to dog food, moving on plots and doting MLs, no matter how sad his past or monologue is I can't get over him being a scum gong.

Still, this is a short read and from experience this author seems to be quite good at heartwarming dog food and the TLer is actually not bad, so I will probably eventually just skip to the end chapters and extras once the TL is available (since the sources I MTL aren't really comfortable to read). Plus, the face slapping is actually more satisfying here because it's all done by MC himself rather than by his backer or lover. I can at least recommend this novel as an idle read. <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
earlydiaries rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c11
idkkk the main reason this happened is because the ML didn’t express any love for the MC at all. There’s no tsundere, he isn’t at all affectionate or loving. He indeed hides his feelings for the MC through anger but the sweetness is never shown to MC at all. Otherwise, why would MC think he doesn’t like him? I feel angry and not at the ml. If he’s like that, he’s like that. The MC doesn’t want or need a person like him. It’s only a matter of compatibility. But... more>> I also can’t help feeling angry because he dares to act that way for the entirety of their time together, assuming the MC would stick around even when he doesn’t even give him any crumbs of love? Is your pride so important that you have to maintain it so strongly even in the face of your lover? If you want him to be your husband so bad, why treat him so coldly and so distantly? You are no longer a child and marriage is not a joke. If a longtime boyfriend can tolerate you being like that, a husband demands more and won’t settle for that. Even tsunderes grow to accept and express more of their dere part, but it’s like the ML never grows out of it. I don’t mind tsunderes but I too would’ve run out of patience and love for someone who seems so unwilling to even look at me despite us being in a relationship. Why waste time with a person like that? It’s understandable why the MC can give him up so easily especially on top of what happened in their past life.

to be fair, I also feel that the people around the ML are also bad at their roles as friends or family. Although the ML is to be blamed for his behavior, his friend and his older brother should have at least persuaded him at one point to be better. Alas, his friend takes a jab at him once the MC breaks up with him as if he’s been waiting his whole life to do that and his eldest brother swoops in immediately to offer himself up for marriage to the MC. I didn’t feel good about that. These two characters had the potential to be good supporting characters but they look like characters put there to deliberately make fun of the ML like canon fodder that’ll die after their role in a story or mouthpieces for the MC without the MC asking them to be. What, the moment the MC broke up with the ml, they are suddenly immature bullies and no longer what they used to be with ml? I’m not saying that the ML doesn’t deserve all the mockery but it seems out of place for the big brother and the friend specifically to be doing this as if they never shared a relationship with the ml. They became immature out of the blue and became someone constantly taunting his friend whom he supposedly has a good relationship with and an older brother who wouldn’t hesitate to propose a relationship with his ex-fiancé and constantly shut him up despite being supposedly a gentle person? They seem to be the closest to the ml. Have they always been harboring intentions on the mc? Not to mention, gu dage, that was your former sister-in-law, do you not feel it’s a little wrong to try and put your hands on him? It seems these two have always known how the ML treated the MC but never said anything until the MC showed that he truly has given up (though this applies more to the older brother) and they have a chance with the MC, again, like canon fodder or maybe even the green tea b*tches we usually dislike. The friend also seems to just be interested after seeing that MC is determined to break up with the ml. Can you understand what i’m trying to say? That they keep saying “but the MC doesn’t want you anymore” “he’s broken up with you” all seem so uncharacteristic of them. It doesn’t fit them. It seems more like what the author wants the MC to say but said through different characters because they’re not said in the style the big brother would say or the way the friend would say. It’s such a waste of these two characters to become mindless mouthpieces. What’s the reason why the big brother grew an interest in mc? Has he always had feelings for the mc? Is there something to back up why he’s speaking so strongly about how the MC feels about the ml? What about the friend? Has he always been familiar with the mc? Why does he speak for the MC like they’ve always been longtime friends? You can’t just write things for no reason. Just because the ML needs people to talk sense into him, the big brother and the friend who had nothing to do with the MC are suddenly siding with him like they’ve always been familiar and intimate with the mc? I swear, the only time I see the friend talk to ML is to taunt or provoke him. The only interaction I've seen with ML and the big brother is when the big brother is telling the ML to stop whatever he’s doing. Presenting them as potential love rivals when there’s nothing to show they liked MC in the past is just poor writing. These two don’t seem to be the best choices for MC even if they treat him better than the ml. Rather, how are there so many people rooting for either when all they’ve been doing is speaking up for the MC when the ML tries to do something? That’s the decent thing to do when you see a situation like that. Otherwise, the big brother was his former almost brother-in-law and the other was someone he used to hate and even talk bad about despite not having known each other personally. They could have developed into friends that become great support systems for the MC and respected him better. But he says he doesn’t like anyone and isn’t ready but the big brother insists he think about marrying him. Is that really a better choice? That’s just circling back to his failed engagement but with a different person, the big brother of that previous person, even. If the MC says yes, he’d be fooling himself twice. Meanwhile the MC doesn’t taunt the ML but the other is doing so unprovoked and for no reason? Who is telling them to do these things? They have no reason to do so. They can go with an “i told you so” but they seem to actively be blocking off the ML for no reason. This would’ve been okay if, again, the author wrote why they’re doing this. Then it’ll be believable. But as I keep reading, there’s nothing of substance.

i kept reading. I really wanted to finish this but it’s so aggravating seeing the ML behave like a child. If he continues acting like this, I just can’t see the point of him getting back together with the MC. Not to mention, the illogical way in which both the big brother and the friend suddenly become new ml’s just irks me. MC having three whole people chase after him, and most especially him getting back with the ML in the end, defeats the purpose of his breaking up with the ml. It just seemed like he threw a big tantrum then ran back to the ml.

the MC being alone in peace with his career and having a relationship when he’s ready again later on would have been the best happy ending for the MC. Anyway, I read these crematorium or wife-chasing novels just to see whether the ML deserves the second chance or not. Here, I think the ML and the other two who tried to have good feelings with MC did not and do not deserve a chance with the MC.

the first eleven whole chapters are a whole cycle of MC appearing, ML appearing, big brother and friend jeering at ml, MC leaving with either, and repeat. If the first ten chapters of a story don’t change, I doubt the rest will be any different. There’s not much brain power put into this. Dropping it. <<less
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happysheep rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: c43
to be honest, I think its more of a 4 star novel but the I feel like the rating is unfairly low so.

its short and to the point, a mature wife chasing crematorium where the characters act like adults and sort out their problems by communicating. I dont really think that the the ML suffered too little, because it was a problem cause by the two of them, ML and mc- just because MC was yearning for him at home all the time doesn't make the fact that he forced... more>> his love interest into a arranged marriage ok so I liked that they made up pretty fast. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
junmoxiao7 rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: c27
Okay, I finished this novel in its original language. I have to say, I love this author. She gave me more than what I could have asked for and much more.

... more>>

This novel has three different endings. The first is, of course, the current life, the second is the last life where he died, and the third is an ending where our MC got into the car accident, but he did not die. Instead, he woke up but lost his memory. The ML has to work hard to get the MC to love him again, and when MC eventually remembered, they got their HE.

Two HE and one BE. So much more than I could have asked. I am 10/10 satisfied with all endings, and it made me cry and laugh. I love this story.

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Gumamela rated it
June 27, 2021
Status: Completed
I like rebirth stories and no matter how cliché it gets, I'm still okay with it.

The reason why I give it 3 stars is for the way the MC and ML reconciled. I feel that there are some areas unanswered and deleted just to keep the story short so it became fast paced in a bad way.
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FYalimar rated it
March 13, 2023
Status: c37

this story is really miserable and sad, the author himself said it in one of his notes in the chapters, "he doesn't know how to make a story where the ML treats the MC badly and he can still stay with the MC, because he thinks that if that happens it's better to change the ML to someone better" but even so he insisted on continuing to write that type of story that he is not good at, his solution to the problem of emotional abuse from the ML to the MC was to place all the blame for what happened on the MC, saying that it was he who in the first place forced the ML to commit so it was perfectly justifiable that he ML hated and neglected him but once again the plot did not go well, in the first place it was the grandmother who compromised them no matter how much she wanted The MC liked the ML, it was his grandmother who forced him, not the protagonist, but the ML is a coward, he cannot face his grandmother and show her how dissatisfied and upset she is, so he disrobes with the MC, secondly he gives himself to understand that the MC has a serious problem psychological emotional dependence produced by the number of dead close relatives he has, that is very normal, and it is even more normal for these types of people to get attached to someone sometimes, like the MC ended up getting attached to the ML, although it is not correct It's not something to condemn and hate, those types of people with dependency problems can end up committing su*cide if they're not careful and instead of psychological help we turn our backs on them, it's like telling someone with depression "how long are you going to be sad?" "That kind of attitude is the worst thing to take. In short, the ML's mistakes were too big to want to minimize with those of the MC, although both are wrong, the MC was wrong for a psychological reason and needed help, the ML was just narcissistic and childish, not willing to suffer any. grievance and overreacting when someone wrongs him even a little, like the MC who made him get engaged, he wasn't even married for goodness sake!!!, it wasn't like they couldn't break up afterwards but he wasn't even willing to suffer a bit let alone give him a single chance to get along, it was better for him to ostracize the MC and see if he didn't commit su*cide while he was away and not seeing him, if he could pass that test and let him vent all his anger, then if he thought give it a try??? It was literally what the author wrote, he said verbatim that the ML thought that after a year or more of abandonment when he wasn't so angry anymore, slowly give the MC a chance, that was a brilliant and great idea... it left me speechless....

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Give.Me.A.Piece.Of.Cake rated it
November 30, 2022
Status: c24
So I dropped the story at around chapter 24 but it's not a bad story. I like that we get both MC and ML sides of the story and understand ML reasons why he avoided MC... one thing ML said was right was that MC never give ML a choice. MC kind of force ML into marriage and when he changes his mind he forces ML to breaking it off without communicating with the ML. He blocked ML phone and all means of contact and refuses to talk to ML... more>> about it. He's quite a willful person in a sense so I didn't see that ML did anything really 'wrong'.

Also MC death is an accident he causes on himself. He went out to a concert but got into an accident and died before his rebirth and decided to change his mind because even when he died the ML did not answer his call. Provided, the ML was working and MC just went and got into the accident and died on his own so I'm not sure why he blame it all on the ML or blame it on his loves for ML. It was like one day you wake up and decided that you are going to the store to buy a cake for your husband to surprise him at dinner but got into an accident and lost your legs and blame it all on your husband like "if only I didn't go get a cake for you I wouldn't get into an accident and lost my legs'. Kind of s*upid, really. MC is actually a very inconsistent character to me. ML had his flaws too but I'm not going to go into that.

Rating is 3.0. Not boring if you are bored and need something to read. <<less
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Tearlesereph rated it
November 28, 2022
Status: c49
Cute short story. To be honest, with the title I was expecting MC to make a bigger splash in the entertainment industry, there was very few mentions of it and even the issues in the filming process was just brushed over.

The ML was unlikable, and I found it a bit annoying that the author spent so many chapters trying to whitewash him and justify him. Especially from the translated author's note, it seems like a lot of Chinese readers were hating on the ML too and after... more>> the it feels like the author spent the remaining half just trying to make ML look like a good person.


For me, the ML's reasons for being so cold to MC isn't enough. If he was that against marriage, grandma and his brother wouldn't actually force him to get engaged. From the beginning chapters ML keeps harping about how much MC loves him so he'sfully aware that MC is a complete doormat for him. He's using MC to boost his ego and planned to eventually be nice to MC and pretend they eventually feel in love... yeah, that just doesn't sound right. Him being so surprised MC wanted a break from work after losing his whole family... that shouldn't remotely be a surprise if he actually care to think about the situation from MC's perspective. ML totally didn't love MC, no amount of white washing can change that. The first half of the story already cemented that fact.


I think I would have rated higher if MC had kept his breakup with ML and found new love with his costar or even big brother. <<less
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hycave rated it
September 20, 2022
Status: Completed
ML regrets what he did and started to chase MC after MC's rebirth. Honestly it's the same storyline like so many 'chasing wife' novel out there but I still find this novel enjoyable (might be bias since this is my favorite trope).

ML in this novel is a scum but he wasn't so bad prior to MC's rebirth so it's not that hard for me to forgive him for what he did to MC once he started to chase MC. I do feel sorry to MC but if I was ML,... more>> I might act the same way as he did if I was forced to get married with someone I don't love. Luckily, the ML did love our MC but he was just too egoistic to admit that he was in love with MC since he was forced to get married to MC.

The novel has its angst but it was not too angsty for me so it doesn't really make me bawl my eyes but I won't minus a point just because of that lol. I also like how the author gave an alternate ending, it's nice to read how ML suffers after MC's death XD Overall, I really enjoy reading this novel.

The translation is not the best but it's way better than mtl so I'm really thankful for the effort. 4.4. <<less
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hy-d-ra rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: --
Periodically I come back to this author. The latest they completed (I shortly call it a 'tool man', which is their longest by far, because they decided to write bazillion extra chapters.. ahem, let's not get distracted) is quite humorous and in the style of this author. While this one is... well, if you read you'll know why everyone drops bad reviews.


I want to say this one 'but'. Unfortunately, with occasional new ideas, if you read several of their novels from old to new you'll know how some novels get... more>> many similar places, situations etc. It's just sometimes shorter story, sometimes longer, sometimes rechuffled. And the reasons for conflicts are questionable. Pity. But it doesn't mean they're a bad author. They're often kinda in the same zone or smth. <<less
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kari rated it
March 4, 2023
Status: --
My sole reason for disliking this novel is the ML & MC.

Based on Personal preference - I'd give it 2stars

Not counting my personal preference, thinking of other ppl, the writing, flow etc - 3stars maxx

... more>> However, if I just read the first chapter and then the Extras, I'd rate it 4stars. Basically, past story possibilities without the rebirth.

(I love rebirth/transmigration stories, but not this one)

MC said he is over the ML, but continues contact with ML & still ends up with the ML!? It's easy to cut ppl off ur lives when u really want to. He just didn't try hard enough. He never really could let go of his feelings. Sort of like "I finally got my 1st love" feeling.

ML was quite rubbish to MC in his previous life, due to immaturity. We got angst and redemption in this life. It was a second chance for him. Let's say he was lucky that the MC had that personality.

I truly dislike these kinds of stories & believe the MC should have been better & ended up with someone else. <<less
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AngelicHell rated it
June 28, 2022
Status: Completed
The story is good I really want to read it again later. Worth it to read.I love the MC and ML love interaction. Don't hesitate to read this novel its good don't worry about other reviews here just read this.
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