The Little Revenge Plan Of A Villainess Who Has Lived Three Times


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A temporal sorcerer under the protection of the White Forest.

A villainess unlike any other in the history of the Bertel Empire.

All these terms referred to Ariletti Cadiz.

‘But I was beyond foolish.’

She had devoted her life to serving the princes, only to be betrayed twice.

Anyway, even this life was on borrowed time.

She had tried to quietly close her eyes in the desolate wilderness…

“There’s someone over there! They seem small, like a child?”

“Go closer and check. Is she alive or dead?”

“Yes, sir.”

She was found by the man she killed in her previous life?

And… she became younger?!

* * *

Dragged into the unwanted territory of Hezeit…

There are too many problems—way too many!

Constantly plagued by threats from the bullies.

Sinking deep into severe poverty.

Unable to utilize the abundant nature around.

“Hezeit… No. It can’t be like this!”

She offered a little help since they were in a tight spot.

Actually, this place was a paradise?!

Moreover, these people, their hearts were so kind, like pushovers.

[Don’t be sick, Baby. If you get better quickly, Uncle will take you on an Arctic expedition!] [The snow has stopped, Little Teacher. Thank you.] With these stubborn fools by her side, Ariletti might just be able to exact revenge on the other two f*cking princes.

So, she drew all the information and knowledge she acquired from her past two lives, devising a revenge plan.

More wicked, more sinister, more relentless. More vicious than ever before!

Will she succeed in avenging her past lives and make the 3rd prince the emperor?

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세 번 사는 악녀의 소소한 복수 플랜
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