The Little Duchess’ Home Tutor


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He was going down a good path in life, until that time came.

Although he was a commoner, he still managed to rank second at the Royal Academy due to his own efforts, surpassing even nobility. Later graduating from a University with an excellent record, he was guaranteed a good workplace. If things went smoothly, he would have surely become a Court Magician. An elite amongst elites.

But, well,due to circumstances I failed the exam—what a shame. And I didn’t even have enough money for the train fare back home either.

In such a dire situation, my professor introduced me to a job: to become a home tutor for a Duke’s daughter. This job smells fishy….

This is a story of a man who wants to lead an ordinary life, but unexpectedly gets caught up in a competition between his frenemy from his academy days and his tutoring student —all of this forcing him to climb the ladder of society.

…How did this happen?

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Koujo Denka no Kateikyoushi
Private Tutor to the Duke’s Daughter (LN)
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Watersheeep rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: c25
First off, the beta MC personality pisses me of and its so annoying even though its still early. His overly "humble" attitude is so annoying, saying things like "I dont have talent" or "im not strong" and then do something that no normal people can do (typical japanese beta MC plot). And secondly, the plot only revolves aroung the MC and no other. The girls fall in love with him the first time they met, his relationship with the fML is so confusing that I dont even know what to... more>> call it anymore, he said that they're frenemy but all I can see is they have a relationship and its approved too (by her whole family). Little girls flock to him like a moth attracted to a light, he says hes weak but proceedes to go toe to toe with the kingdoms strongest (The FML), the knights are super weak (getting thrashed within seconds). He said hes a commoner but has a connection as deep as an ocean (the whole 4 dukes and royalties (basically he has a connection of the ones who controls the kingdom), What do you call that? A super commoner? The girls has an unnecessary tsundere/yandere attitude, everytime he speaks his words are super cringey (for me atleast), his actions towards the girls are borderline s*xual harassment (like hugging ellie without her permission just to get a jelousy reaction from tina that I dont even find entertaining to read and just cringing), when its another's POV all they say is "that guy (mc) is OP as sh*t" or "the girls behind him is OP as fck", His enemies is dumb as fck. Hes your typical "Im weak but theres someone out there who will tell you that im OP as fck so you better stop messing with me". If you want to read some good novel then I suggest you that this is not the right one as you may or may not cringe reading this one (cuz its literally all the cliche plot of a typical isekai story). <<less
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DragonLordADN rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c25
Now first things first. The main concepts of the novel are (if you don't like any then honestly skip reading)

  1. The entire world revolves around Protagonist :he is literally the hot sh*t NOTHING ELSE and absolutely NOTHING ELSE matters.
  2. No Commonsense at all : self explanatory, no attempt has been made to keep in track with any of the stuff told
  3. Contradicting and unreliable world building: you have parts where the factually stated norms are violated by even faceless npc by the end of chap
  4. Senseless harem of no character women who go jelly-clingy over him: sole exception is the mentioned 'frenemy' (namesake called that, read 75% girlfriend) who has a angry outburst personality.
  5. WHOLE HAREM IS UNDERAGE (100% certified) LOLIs (with the exception of one who is same age as him and grew with him)
The 3 star rating is mainly becuz I like comedies and yanderes. The brief story is: MC is an orphan who worked his way up to his level. He always claims and acts as if he's weak for no reason ... more>>

yet has the balls to declare later only max 5 ppl can really beat him

. And worse yet the whole world believes so, countably only 11 people close to him know his true strength. An unrealistic level of noble suppressing commoner where bad rumors on him are so spread that even people seeing his strength don't believe it. The people other than those close to MC are weak shits who are useless. If a loli appears and her name is given then is guaranteed she is a new addition to his harem and ya his harem is filled with low confidence weak girls (ALL LOLIs) whom MC meets and trains to be op monsters who suddenly become super confidant b*tches right after him aggressively and clingly. <<less
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tsuowo rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: v2c8
Honestly, people judge this too soon.

I enjoy it so far.

Sure, MC is insecured about himself, but all he claimed make sense - after all, if everyone is just as hardworking as him, they can reach his level and surpass him, ... more>>

supposing we don't count his destiny as the key

. Not to mention, aside from those who acknowledge his talents, the rests look down on him. I believe as the story progresses, he will realize his true worth, and reveal himself as the alpha male he has always been.

He also realized his own flaws, but whether he fixs it or not, I don't know. The novel hasn't reached that far.

The female casts are adorable. I have no qualms against them acting that way, because that's how they are supposed to act. In the world of magic, one can, no matter what, sense others' nature through the magic they emit. Naturally our kind hearted MC will attract them.

And lastly, the story. Not so long, but enough to catch my interest. One might say, the whole world revolves around him. Sure, it is narrated by himself and people come in contact with him after all.

So, if you are looking for a fluffy story with a decent amount of seriousness, I recommend this for you. <<less
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Sir Laffsalot
Sir Laffsalot rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c21
Had to dump here because the s*upidity level reached intolerable heighths.

The story idea is grand, and that's the only part that I'd give five stars to. The story was pretty good, four stars, up until around six chapters ago.

    1. The universe revolves ONLY around the MC. EVERYONE, and their mother, in the story is madly in love with him. There are no side stories, or side character developments. There is only MC, nothing else... oh and Lydia, to some degree. I mean, yeah, a story is supposed to follow the MC, but not revolve around him/her to where all of the other characters live and breathe him/her. You'll understand what I mean when you read it. If just Richard would have been his own person (as well as fitting of his role), and maybe Lisa and Stella as well, then we might've had a decent story here.
    1. You have, Richard, the heir, nay, the next leader, who is the biggest wuss, and pansy in the universe - scared of his own shadow, and is manipulated by those under him.
    1. Royal guards are so weak, they are afraid of, and fall with the wind. How can they protect anybody, let alone royalty. This includes all soldiers.
Needless to say, by the end of chapter twenty-two, I was barfing buckets.

This is in no way Seinen, but Shounen through and through, with even the same cliches and story (just happy it didn't have the same overused s*upid jokes). Why must they falsely lead us into something that is not what it claims to be. I'm not only dumping this one, but putting it on my, "DNR: Too s*upid for words, yet not on kindergarten level; Prepubescent teen's fantasy without the s*upidity and ugliness of over exaggerated, over used, s*upid ecchi jokes" list.

So, I gave it two stars instead of one for the story idea, and for the first, maybe, 12-15 chapters.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: intermission 3
I would actually rate this as 2.5/5.0.

The plot of the story is actually ok but for me this was ruined by how cringey the MC is. I don't know if the MC is portrayed as dense or just ignoring people's feeling intentionally but his interactions with the female casts are borderline s*xual harassment from my point of view (headpatting was ok but then came "hugging" even though they haven't met for long) and yet all the girls are begging for it, which btw is another downside of this novel.

For now... more>> I am hoping the future chapters have better plots as it's too early to tell if this is good or bad. This is seriously almost on my dropped list. <<less
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Raestloz rated it
August 26, 2022
Status: v4
Jesus this sucks so much, how did I even manage to spend money on this?

Every shounen novel starts with a protagonist with low self esteem and a harem of girls that throw themselves at him. This novel is the same. That much is not a problem

The problem, is that the hero is ultra cringe. The only thing he does is praising the heroines while proclaiming himself an idiot.

This man works with living legends of his lifetime on a daily basis, has a unique legendary spell that allows him to awaken... more>> the true potential of legends, is called a living legend by actual living legends (whose status he himself admits) to his face, and casually invents legendary spells (and he's aware of this) on his leisure, yet he adamantly claim that he's not even worthy of living, all the while loudly praising the heroines at every chance he can get, and the heroines throw themselves to him in every occasion, even asking to sleep with him right to his face, multiple times. You know what he says? "Ah, such is life of a friend"

It's cringe, it really is. "Beta MC" doesn't even cover how cringe this man is. This man's idiocy makes Kirito look like a f*cking genius, because not only does Kirito know of his worth (he's strong), he's also capable of admitting he likes a specific person (the main heroine)

The worst part is that the sub heroines knew that the main heroine will win. This is not "we all have a chance" thing. He's guaranteed to marry the main heroine, because he himself have proclaimed he'll stick with her on multiple occasions, and he'll marry her out of his own volition. Each and every single subheroine knows those facts, yet they keep trying. It's super sad and takes a lot of time out of the real story, of which there isn't much I tell you, because most of the story is spent on him flirting with the heroines every chance he can get

What little story we do get, isn't that great. Each and every single volume there's a heroine who struggles with her precarious life. Little by little she grows, and finally she breaks out of her shell to be free! How? THE HERO BINDS HER SOUL TO HIS AND AWAKENS HER POTENTIAL. That's it. No matter how much the heroine grows, she requires the hero to bind their souls together to awaken her true potential, she'll lose otherwise

It's cringe. I don't usually say this, but this novel managed to objectify women without putting them in skimpy dress, which is a feat unto itself. Plenty of other "cheat hero" novels at least have the heroines grow themselves and what the hero does basically is provide the tactical coordination or help their DPS check. Not so in this novel <<less
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May 5, 2021
Status: c50
There's no "lolicon" in this unless every novel with 13 year olds existing gets the tag now.

There's no harem unless characters existing constitutes for the tag, the MC does not show any feelings towards any of the cast, which also invalidates the above tag. I know Japanese people have a warped view on relationships but hugging someone is not it brother.

Unfortunately the story is sh*t so it's not going to save the lack of character interaction either. Go read something else
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LTigh rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: c28
Found this after coming across the manga adaptation, wanted to see where it was going to see if it were a manga worth following, wound up reading all chapters translated so far.

Interesting concept which falls victim to some annoying cliches such as the [Extraordinarily Dense Harem Protagonist] MC, the [Pushy Tsundere/Borderline Yandere Ojou-sama] with whom the MC has the typical [Victriolic Best Buds] relationship where she's an abusive twat and he's a pushover who takes it, played for "comedy, " of course, and finally, the [Loli Harem] because for some... more>> reason MC is irresistible to lolis (including his adopted little sister) despite repeatedly claiming he has no interest in little girls.

What is enjoyable is the MC managing to turn the "common sense" notions of magic on their head in order to train up said lolis who are said to have "no talent in magic, " and how despite being a [Dense Harem Protagonist], he really does care about the people under his charge, even if they take advantage of his pushover nature and he more or less goes along with their antics (getting dressed up as a butler often because Ojou-sama, her maids, and her little sister (and mother) all seem to have that fetish).

Still, have to say that the dynamic between MC and the rotten Ojou-sama who "loves" him (he regards her as an annoying frenemy at best, although he does curb-stomp the kingdom's Second Prince for insulting her (and his family as well, but she ignores this part)) is probably the worst part about the novel, but seeing how it's set up as a conflict between his self-declared love-interest (and her little sister) and the little Duchess (and her friend) that he's tutoring, we're probably going to see a lot more of it.

Again, would rate much higher, we'll see if it falls into more of the same, which I found to be a turn-off after around chapter 12. Translation is decent, if nothing else.

Edit: Content hasn't improved. Actually got a lot worse. The idea of "turning magical concepts on their head" has taken a back-seat to the typical sort of cliched relationship developments that plague the genre, and isn't even mentioned, save in passing or something to be skipped over in favor of the NEXT cliched relationship development/harem building exercise. Some people might find enjoyment in the dynamics between the MC and all the other characters, but I'm not one of those people.

Ironically, the translation has gotten better-- maybe it's something that appeals to the translation team, hence their improved efforts. Two stars is for that-- considering how much it offset the negative-three-star rating of the story itself, it's fairly impressive. <<less
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September 8, 2020
Status: c24
4 stars? I guess... (c7 initially)

On one hand, the general direction of this story is "nice" (preference biased) since it is more focused about making others amazing instead of standard "I STRONK, YOU STRONK" method of tutoring. The MC 'probably' belongs in the 'skilled but weak' category. (that or the people around him are cheats)

On the other hand everyone is falling for the ultra dense MC waaaay to quickly by virtue of his headpatting tendencies. Seriously, its only 7 chapters and he already surpassed THE serial headpatter (AKA... more>> Rean Schwarzer) in this department.

EDIT: C24 -> Going downhill to 2.5 stars. World seem to revolve around the MC a bit too much especially considering the MC's reserved personality. While this makes sense because the MC is actually a genius, every other character pretty much get 0 development and copy pasted onto each other (MC's sister, the little duchess, Lidya's sister essentially have the same personality traits. Lidya has an additional Tsundere trait on top of that.) Each chapter is also "split weirdly" making it hard to follow.

Now, this rating can go back up, or go down even further. <<less
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izelan83 rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: v9
I just want to touch on a few things for anyone considering reading this. The following will have non-specific spoilers, so read ahead at your own risk.

First of all, the "harem" tag is a bit misleading, there's basically zero romance except for grade school levels with one girl. All other feelings from the other girls thus far come off as one-sided and unlikely to be reciprocated.

Second, the story is rather poorly written. The author contradicts their own world building constantly and relies heavily on convenient conversation interruptions to keep characters... more>> ignorant and events from being solved. Also the MC is basically a typical japanese gary stu that has a low opinion of themself despite basically every person of importance in the world telling them otherwise.

Finally, about the "harem" aspect of the story. The story starts 4 years after the MC's debut of heroic acts, and during those 4 years he had a certain girl as his constant partner. The novels constantly introduce new "love interests" to the story, all of whom fall instantly for the MC. The problem is, due to the 4 years of partnership with the one girl (most of which is never delved into beyond some vague hints and the readers are given little reason to actually like or root for the original girl) all the other girls are basically sidelined immediately upon introduction. There are three ways the romance aspect of this story could go: the original girl and the MC get together and all the other girls get pushed aside and of course in typical fashion have no problem with this in the end due to the power of friendship or whatever (a bad option, no reason to spend so much time on the other girls being obsessed with the MC if this is the end and unfortunately she's my least favorite of all the heroines due to her terribly dependent and frail personality) ; the story ends with no set romance and it's left up to imagination who the MC ends up with (pretty much the worst thing ever, authors who are either afraid of their fans or have something against depicting actual romance and not grade school "romance" typically go this route) ; or the true harem route (which up until this point seems unlikely considering the MC refuses to show feelings for anyone except for very rarely with the original heroine). I honestly can't see any of the other heroines having a chance if the result is anything other than a harem.

The reason I'm hung up on the "harem" aspect of the story is that the story becomes drastically worse by forcing all these extra "heroines" into the story for no reason rather than normal characters that aren't obsessed with the MC, and if there's no payoff for the many MANY pages wasted to the inner monologues of their affection then there's basically zero reason for the story itself to exist.

So yeah, basically the author wrote a fairly non-sensical story full of plot holes and contradictions. I've rated the story 3 stars currently in the hope that the author will actually go with a harem ending since they're spending so much time on so many different girls and many of them are fun to read about, but I'll drop the rating if either of the other two scenarios listed above happens due to the result being a gigantic waste of everyone's time spent reading this.

Edit: I read through some of the web novel, please treat this review as a 2 star. MC still insists on being weak and "a commoner" despite repeatedly saving the kingdom and the world and having basically every renowned person tell him he's special, refuses any accolades to his own detriment and those around him (ironically hurting those close to him despite claiming it's for their benefit) and I'm becoming more and more convinced the story ends with either no set love interest or with the mentally unstable worst girl. Despite initially wanting to continue the story as further material is released I'll be dropping it instead. Plus the author hasn't released anything new for it in over 8 months anyway. <<less
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