The Housemaid Wants to be in Higher Position


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This is the story of a noble daughter of a favorable aristocratic family. When disaster came, in one day, the whole family became s*aves. In order to protect her beloved relatives, Shen Xiangwan had to use all sorts of tricks to flatter the master and bribe the s*aves to secure a place in the back house. All aspects of her life were going smoothly until the young master, who had been struggling to help her to the top, suddenly changed his style and began to find ways to lure her to the couch.

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AllthingsAsian rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: c12
Really enjoying the story though it's still rather sad so far... Things are looking up for the protagonist and her allies so I have hope.

The writing is good, not complex nor unpleasant to read.
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May 2, 2021
Status: c23
The beginning is engaging, the characters aren't stereotypical, the plot is unfolding just at the right pace, the TL is good quality. I think this story has a lot of potential !

The story is about a fallen noble girl who manages to get employed as a servant in the same mansion where some of her family and ex-servant got reunited as well. We are following her integration into her new master's mansion, watching the servants and master's hidden scheme and power play unfold, as she tried to create a foothold... more>> for her and the rest of her family who manage to survive and hide in this new mansion. <<less
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August 24, 2021
Status: c35
Rebirth novel about an official's daughter sold as a maid to a Duke's estate after her family's fall. Only went up to chapter 35 and realised this novel grew to be unappealing despite a great first 10 chapters for a few reasons:

  • Conflict Resolution: Everything comes wayyy to easily to the MC. Conflict here? A golden goose will appear and she'll just flick her big doe eyes and BAM... resolved. And that character? Gone. Role fulfilled. There's multiple variations of this across those few chapters. It's a backyard drama, part of the fun resides in those small but entertaining disputes...
  • Secondary Characters: Their personality came across somewhat flat. Plus, most characters are around 6-8 years old but already speak of amorous feelings, try for indecent touches, etc. which I found to be plain creepy.
  • Hierarchy & relationships: It's backyard drama focused novel yet the titles and relationship between branches and courtyards are utterly unclear and confusing. I don't know if that's on the author or on the translator though. For instance, an "Elder" keeps being mentionned but is that the Old Furen? The Patriarch? The Eldest son of the Duke? Who knows...
There's more to add but I think all those are reason enough to shelve this atm.
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