The Healing Mage Who Wasn’t a Hero ~ Using Resurrection Spells That Even Assassins Fear ~


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Soutome Tatsuma is a 31-year-old single office worker who enjoys his weekends and holidays off.

Every day, he takes a fifteen-minute bus ride to the nearest station. On the bus, he meets a group of three students who seem like old friends: a handsome boy and two cute twin girls. Despite their friendly appearance, Tatsuma secretly wishes them ill, saying, “I hope your perfect lives blow up.”

But then, he experiences a strange shock that turns out to be a “hero summoning.” However, he didn’t choose to be involved and doesn’t consider himself a hero.

He discovers he has a special power: space magic, like having an item box. Because of this power, he’s directed to the adventurer’s guild for work. They even give him some money, like a hush payment, before sending him to the castle town.

Tatsuma had hoped to find happiness by starting a new life in another world, aiming for a stable life and a happy family. But things didn’t turn out the way he expected…

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勇者じゃなかった回復魔法使い ~暗殺者(アサシン)もドン引きの蘇生呪文活用法~
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New DimaShishandra
March 31, 2024
Status: c72
Premise of the story is pretty nice. World is dying and MC is basically resolving symptoms. He mostly heals specific people. If we are talking about the world or plot the only big issue I have is that countries pretty much ignore the root cause and world feels very small. E.g. It sounds like one of the capitals has just few thousands of citizens.

Problem is that plot progression is ridiculously slow. 70% is basically an irrelevant content
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