The Golden Finger Hatched Early


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In this world, there are creatures with innate qi, high-grade spiritual roots, and abundant assets. However, they live as golden fingers who can only adhere to the wishes of others.

To live and to die for another, and to become a stepping stone for their success.

One day, a dragon egg waiting to recognise the ‘Chosen One’ as its Master through a blood rite suddenly hatched prematurely beside the ‘Villain’.

After seeing the strange and dangerous outside world, the weak and pitiful Chen Xing only wanted to hide.

But the man she was connected to by destiny was truly fearful – he even loved to seek places of danger.

Sob, she’s still a dragon baby, so why is her life so tough?

Everyone: You are a majestic Silver Dragon!

Chen Xing: But what does that have to do with me being weak, cowardly, and afraid of death?

Qin Ji never thought that in his past life, he’d die with a dragon and, in this life, be reborn with her too.

But looking at this gluttonous and lazy dragon who loved luxury and pleasure, he’d often wonder whether it was his memory or the world he was reborn in that was wrong.

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Free chapters are only until chapter 25 and it was such a cliffhanger. So far the story has been very exciting and full of conspiracy. I'm really curious. One thing I didn't like is the beginning of the novel. It's like it just started out of nowhere and I didn't what's going on.

5stars- story is very exciting but don't expect much romance
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