The Genius Physician Princess


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Her brother died.
Leaving behind Yeo-ul, a terminally ill patient.
At the tender age of fifteen, Yeo-ul closed her eyes in overwhelming grief.

When she opened her eyes again.
Yeo-ul found herself transformed into the little girl from the novel she wrote with her brother.

My body is perfectly fine. I can move freely…

Unlike her past life, she possessed a healthy body that could move as she pleased.

Can I use my brother’s medical knowledge

A miracle visited the girl once again.
In the warm embrace of caring adults, Yeo-ul made a decision.

I want to become a doctor who saves people.

In a world where medicine is condemned.
She vowed to overthrow the corrupt regime profiting from lives,
and become a doctor who saves lives.

* Please note that the medical knowledge in this novel has been dramatized for the purposes of the novel.

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천재 의사 황녀님
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