The Genius Actor is Back


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Baek Seung-gyeol, was an acting genius whose films in which he appeared as a child actor reached 10 million viewers. However, due to his sudden success, the relationship between his parents deteriorated and the main character stopped acting. Baek Seung-gyeol, who was working as a delivery driver, receives a call saying that his father has passed away. As a result, the protagonist begins to show his acting skills that he had been hiding. A lot of good things happen to Back Seung- gyeol, who is making a fresh start

Associated Names
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I'm Back as A Genius Actor
The Genius Actor Returns
천재 배우 복귀했습니다
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11/17/23 Salmon Latte Translations c13
11/14/23 Salmon Latte Translations c12
10/27/23 Salmon Latte Translations c11
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08/29/23 Salmon Latte Translations c1
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Dominus rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: c4
Look, hopefully, I can change the ratings but the translations are just putting me off this novel as they are not clear and seem iffy at most. The sentences do not flow, they seem choppy and sometimes, I'm not sure who is speaking.

The story within itself seems interesting, from what I read, but the translation format just makes it really hard for me to continue reading. I've read other novels translated from Salmon Latte Translations and they are quite good, but I don't know why this one isn't being translated... more>> to the same quality.

Hopefully something changes. <<less
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