The Frail Female Supporting Character and The Paranoid Villain Have a HE


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[Side Song Tan] After surviving three years in the apocalypse world, Song Tan successfully traveled back in time. Her journey through the apocalypse world taught her one lesson: life is precious in the grand scheme of things.

According to the original plot, due to her poor health since childhood, she was pushed by her family into a marriage alliance. Unfotunately, she fell in love with the male lead, Huo Yanlin, who had already fallen for the female lead, a commoner girl. She became the biggest obstacle between Huo Yanlin and the female lead.

In the end, her fate was extremely miserable.

After returning to the past, Song Tan had only one wish: to find a long-term meal ticket, stay away from the male and female leads, and live a peaceful life. So when choosing a marriage partner, she pointed her finger at Shen Yin, who had little presence around Huo Yanlin, and said, “I choose him.”

Shen Yin was considered half a member of the Huo family. His mother had the surname Huo and was taken in by the Huo family after losing both parents. He didn’t participate in the Huo family’s business and worked as a lecturer at a university, focusing all his efforts on academics. He was usually invisible in the Huo family, and no one paid much attention to him.

Therefore, he was the most suitable choice as a marriage partner!

[Side Shen Yin] Shen Yin planned his revenge for ten years, but had to temporarily postpone his plan because of Song Tan.

She was too weak. She found medicine bitter, got out of breath after walking a few steps, and couldn’t eat much.

In order to prevent her from dying early,
He fed her medicine, exercised with her to strengthen her body, read diet therapy literature, and supervise her during meals.

Finally, she gained a little weight.

But then she found out about his revenge plan.

He asked her, “Do you want to run?”

Song Tan, who could now walk several steps without getting breathless, touched her belly and thought for a moment, “I’m too fat to run now.”

Song Tan: “I wanted to live a low-key life, but ended up choosing a paranoid villain.”
Shen Yin: “I wanted to be a big villain, but ended up pampering a delicate flower.”

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    New Lumina25684 rated it
    May 29, 2023
    Status: Completed
    It's actually a pretty enjoyable read and easy to understand on machine translation. The male lead has been disguising for so long and the two smiled while testing each other's real motives before falling in love and even after falling in love, love is not everything for them. If given the chance to start over, ML will not necessarily hold his love for FL as top priority, but his revenge is more important. However, the way they get along is still nice for a flash marriage. At least they have... more>> a tacit understanding and make compromises for each other.

    Although, I have to admit, the story moved a little too fast. It felt like everything happened in the span of a month or two. Their marriage life seemed really quiet and leisurely being ignored, but still mistreated and looked down upon.


    ML married MC's pampered and proud cousin to stabilize the family business and MC signed a sponsorship contract with FL to get her talent, as despite FL taking a part in destroying her original marriage and MC doing the same to FL, MC didn't want to destroy FL's career. However, for ML, FL wants to break contract to help ML, but doesn't want to pay compensation and neither did ML.

    Shen Yin wants to destroy Huo family because ML's father kills his parents because of greed. Although grandfather, who chose to protect his son until the son wants him to die by trying to kill MC who can let him live one more year to see the Huo's destruction, didn't directly kill his own daughter, Shen Yin knew that he had the idea because if grandpa had felt guilty, he would have been good to Shen Yin instead of ML.

    After getting this confession, Shen Yin sent the evidence to the researchers who ignored him just because he calculated them, which baffles me.

    Also, MC knew she was targeted and with her retired system's help, contacted the main system (MS) and talked about sending the ML and FL to the zombie world for reform. At the same time, she made a bet with MS to get a healthy body if Shen Yin continues to love her and not remarry within a year of her comma, if she fails, she returns to the zombie world. During MC's comma, Shen Yin dreamt of the original plot thanks to MS, revealing that if he could start over, he would still choose revenge and may not reach out to MC, but to wake her early from her coma, he won some bet with MS.

    1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Joy45h rated it
    April 23, 2023
    Status: --
    A so-so plot with bland characters. The MC and ML keep calling each other smart over the smallest of things they do ; but to be honest they seem pretty dumb to me
    7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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