The Former Hero Wants To Lead An Ordinary Life


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Satou Kakeru has long accepted that his past life’s memories of being a Hero in a fantasy world has no place in the current modern society. Until one day, the Demon King – Suzuki Teru – transfers into his school and throws Kakeru’s normal life out of its axis.

An incident leads to their separation and three years later, Kakeru’s big brother drops a bomb on him.

“They say the key to reviving the Demon King is in the academy island.”

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09/04/17 enxiao c3
10/04/16 Wisteria Translations c2
10/04/16 Wisteria Translations c1
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saekicchi rated it
October 17, 2016
Status: c57
This is one of the unique reincarnation stories, by that I meant it's a "fantasy world-->modern world" reincarnation novel rather than the opposite.

We've got an unreliable narrator who introduces himself as the Hero and a Demon King who declares that the MC is his subordinate Alois. The Hero is your typical protagonist with a dark past----a commoner, sold by his parents to a slave merchant and later ascended to a high position after being chosen by the Holy Sword.

The plot is basically Bokura no Kiseki (BL version). The Grade School... more>> Arc is more of an introductory arc and the main plot starts at the High School Arc. All of the past life's major players (Hero party + Demon King party + other important people) gather in an academy island where "the key to revive the Demon King is found". The focus is more on the mystery behind the Hero-Demon King final battle and the reason why they were reincarnated, rather than the romance (though there are a lot of this, too).

It's really hilarious but it has its own moments of drama that will pull your heartstrings. <<less
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Arina-chan rated it
September 17, 2017
Status: c3
From the first 3 chapters, let me say that it's hilarious and I want to see more of their interactions and I just don't understand why so many people rate this a one star. I hope somebody pick this up because I think the story has some potential.
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