The Flowers Bloom On The Day We Meet


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From the time I met and fell in love with you until the time you met me, this is the tale of a miracle.

I underwent a heart transplant when I was 13, and I’ve been dreaming about being a girl ever since.

I’m sure this is the person’s recollection who became the donor.

I fell in love with her right away because she was cheerful, vivacious, and happy.

It is a love that will never be reciprocated. She and I are never going to meet. We are unable to speak or touch one other. And yet—

I want to meet her.

I want to talk with her.

I want to touch her.

I want to… save her.

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Au Hi, Hanasaku.
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01/18/22 Travis Translations c1 part2
12/25/21 Ayzias Network c1 part1
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