The First Evolution


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The strangest fate, the most exciting mind games, the cruelest survival battle, the craziest fantasy, the most bizarre truth… The first is here to battle for another ten years!

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/24/21 Steambun c115
09/23/21 Steambun c114
09/22/21 Steambun c113
09/21/21 Steambun c112
09/20/21 Steambun c111
09/17/21 Steambun c110
09/16/21 Steambun c109
09/15/21 Steambun c108
09/14/21 Steambun c107
09/13/21 Steambun c106
09/10/21 Steambun c105
09/09/21 Steambun c104
09/08/21 Steambun c103
09/07/21 Steambun c102
09/06/21 Steambun c101
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1 Review

Liero Dirlewanger
Liero Dirlew
Jun 25, 2021
Status: --
Don't know why the rating is so low, it quite alright. So far it's a light twist on the world-hopping genre. Only giving it 5 stars to compensate for all the 1 stars
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