The First Evolution


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The strangest fate, the most exciting mind games, the cruelest survival battle, the craziest fantasy, the most bizarre truth… The first is here to battle for another ten years!

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7 Reviews

Liero Dirlewanger
Liero Dirlew
Jun 25, 2021
Status: --
Don't know why the rating is so low, it quite alright. So far it's a light twist on the world-hopping genre. Only giving it 5 stars to compensate for all the 1 stars
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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c300
Decent expansion from author's previous universe ("The Ultimate Evolution"), except that the protagonist this time is a young adult with a different class. Decent binge read, but just not as exciting and epic as author's previous novel.
4 out of 5 stars.

MC Fang Linyan a 19 yr old born under mysterious circumstances, but is at the end of his rope after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. He chances upon an opportunity with a mysterious sci-fi organization that enables him to travel to alternate realities, mostly based on fictional... more>> stories (Harry Potter, Terminator, Mad Max, etc). Linyan has to find means to cure himself while seeking newfound wealth and powers, while also uncovering the secrets behind the organization.

(1) Same old plot from "The Ultimate Evolution", nothing particularly innovative
We're once again in mostly the same old fictional worlds, with a same old down-and-out MC that is forced to enter the trans-dimensional program to survive. Except this time MC is clearly not a tank-class like "The Ultimate Evolution", but is more of a mechanic. Probably due to influence from another popular CN novel "The Legendary Mechanic" (2017). So rather than outright guns-blazing battles, we have a more strategic MC in a support type role.

(2) Same old filler text with excessive world-building/info dumps, but relatively entertaining...
It's the same formula. Spend hundreds of words describing various item functions, backgrounds, stats, etc, but still quite entertaining to read. You still see hilarious interpretations/reinterpretations of storyline characters and world settings. And because it's a new novel, author naturally has to progress to newer characters within the same franchise.
You'd almost think author has copied Rambo X, MIB International (IV), Ghostbusters (2016)... just a long list of hit franchises that decided to carry on "just one more sequel" to squeeze life/money with new casts.
And so we see scenarios like "Harry Potter's Fantastic Beasts".

(3) Slight twist to MC makes plot slightly more compelling
The mysterious circumstances surrounding MC's birth, along with his terminal cancer does up the stakes significantly compared to "The Ultimate Evolution". At least there's this constant pressure on MC to keep moving forward. His motivations of being a sneaky support type character makes a lot more sense given his ill health and obvious physical weaknesses.
That said, MC isn't particularly interesting. Sure he's smart but his personality isn't engaging given his youth and lack of worldview (he still gets conned, is still clueless sometimes). It's gives you the sense that he's still just an awkward up-and-coming adult. Just a slightly more naïve version of the MC from "The Ultimate Evolution", which makes him a boring copy. <<less
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Mar 03, 2022
Status: --

TBH *IMO* the story have potential, its quite good read...

But, why I gave 2.5? Here it goes.....

... more>> Too much info dump between scenes, MC's "God-knows where" knowledge with his background is really a mystery how he knows those things, also this line here "How did Fang Linyan disappear as he wanted to?" Really? Really? I'm getting annoyed by this cringe lines to get into reading moods, cause these kind of lines ruining the immersion feels.

Also I don't need "golden ratio" of doll aesthetics... "... ratio 0.61yadayadayada..."


*sorry for the outburst, I really hate a *potentially* good story ruined by these things* <<less
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Dec 12, 2021
Status: c169
So I felt the need to review other then giving my 5 star rating because I'm a little puzzled by the low ratings of other reviewers. I fully read another work by this author, Ultimate Evolution, and I feel this work fully takes what I loved about that one while it gets rid of the most annoying parts from Ultimate Evolution. In comparison to UE, which had a lot of long, draggy segments that took place in the the real world that no one really cared about that much and... more>> which cut into the flow of the novel, this one is filled with action from the beginning, real world or not.

There's a lot of mystery going on, about his origin, about a mysterious hand in the background that seems to be trying to assist him and another force manipulating the world around him to do the opposite, but he's no one's pawn - he's living by his wits trying to get every advantage he can despite probability seeming to shift to screw him over at every opportunity. Very much an underdog in the beginning but he's fighting for every advantage he can, which is realistic given his starting situation and knowledge.

No team yet, it's all about him, but I have no doubt it's coming and he's already realized the importance of one after what he's experienced. Don't see anything wrong with them focusing on him to build himself/his prestige up first, no one's going to follow a loser. Looking forward to more chapters, glad this was picked up. <<less
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Feb 10, 2023
Status: c37
If you have read The Ultimate Evolution before, then you can guess the story background and the direction of the plot, but even with this knowledge, it is really hard to follow this new story.

There are dumps of unecessary informations all the time and it's not to increase the depth of the story. In between, Author makes MC's decisions overly complicated just to make the story interesting, then Author spends several lines to justify MC's decisions and to cover plot holes. Also, MC is only 18 but knows lots of... more>> mecanical/scientific stuff for no reason, and it's never justified, and of course, it is made to perfectly fit the overly complicated plot the author designed for the MC... but for the reader, it creates a MC without any personality, completly the opposite of the MC in the previous novel.

It's kind of sad, because you feel it's really the same univers as in the previous novel, but with a badly written plot, as if it was a bad fanfiction... <<less
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Nov 22, 2021
Status: c116
Infinity genre webnovel. The plot and story relies essentially on travelling to other worlds to complete missions.

The plot is shallow in regard to the worlds explored. It's limited to a very narrow area and there's not much background.
A lot of thoughts seems to have been put on the plot behind the MC circumstances but it's headed in a wrong direction in my opinion.

The characters apart from the MC are invisible. The story is centred on the MC. Even when working in a team, it's described as the MC defending... more>> against his teammates schemes.

The MC isn't really interesting.
Despite his poor circumstances at the beginning, he's constantly bit*h slapped by the author wherever he steps.

This bring me to my dissatisfaction about this novel.
Titled: [Everything is a trap.]

The author seems to hold a paranoiac state of mind when writing the story.
Everything, from chapter 1 to chapter 116 is people around the MC trying to take advantage of him, exploiting him, showing animosity toward him or scheming behind his back.
The chapters content seem not to tell a story of a youth who is adventuring. But seems intent on placing the MC in situations where various disadvantages are against him, where for some reasons, the easy way would lead him to death.
So the only road he can take is awkward, long, th**ny roads where he will be short-changed and disappointed before realising that he obtained generous rewards (which are actually traps and reduce the benefits he received). <<less
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: c240
It's... alright. The first 20 chapters or so is genuinely engaging and exciting, the author does action very well. After that though, while it's not like the quality dips, character development completely stalls. The story (almost) completely focuses on the main character, and after a while, he's just not interesting. Things never really deviate from his expectations, and even when they do, they don't do so in a way that significantly hinders the protagonist. It just kills all the tension, and makes the story stale. The action is still solid... more>> but don't get invested in this, it's not a particularly rewarding read. <<less
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