The Fat Aristocrat Waltz in the Labyrinth


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The story follows Mitrof de Vansankai, the overweight third son of a noble family. Considered useless by his father, who saw no ability in Mitrof beyond his appetite for food, he is banished from the family and forced to leave his home.

In search of money to satisfy his appetite, Mitrof becomes an adventurer and enters a dangerous labyrinth, filled with death at every turn. While exploring the labyrinth, Mitrof meets a young elf girl named Grace and they team up by chance.

After defeating a kobold in a fierce battle, the two of them achieve a higher ranking (lvl-up) as living beings, known as “sublimation.” Adding a cursed girl named Canule to their party, the three of them continue to explore the labyrinth together.

As they continue to conquer the labyrinth, they encounter a troll, a creature that should normally only exist in the deepest parts of the labyrinth. However, this particular troll had consumed the guardian of the labyrinth and had become an abnormal individual.

In a desperate situation, Mitrof fights with a rapier, his noble pride shining through as he stands up against the troll in battle.

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DimaShishandra rated it
August 18, 2023
Status: c107
It's a rather realistic MC growth story. Girls a not falling in love with for no reason. He doesn't become handsome in 1 day. MC is not the smartest as well. And you can see how he grows from chapter to chapter. Each arc has well defined story and all of them are resolved with some plot armor, connections and basic intelligence

As a story it's 5/5 but to my tastes it's around 3.5. It's a bit too slow paced and I prefer when MC is a bit smarter. Weapon of... more>> choice is logically horrible for dungeons as well <<less
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