Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You


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There is a hated person on the popular anime,「Girl & Shuya」.

The Denning, House of the Duke’s third son, or also known as the Piggy Duke, Slow Denning.

As a person hated throughout the school, he had a lot of reason to be hated, things like he looks down on people, he brags about his pedigree, fat, real orc, and the Piggy has a tragic future waiting for him, he would be banned from his country at the end. And he even has the misfortune on the side that the retainer that he secretly gives his heart to, was stolen away from him.

Wondering why I’m talking about this?

It’s because I reincarnated to that Piggy Duke!

I will definitely make the Piggy Duke who had the number one position on the anime’s popular poll, also the number one in the real world!

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Buta Koushaku ni Tensei Shitakara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai
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New LightNovelReader680 rated it
August 13, 2018
Status: c72
I have read plenty of light novels that have a rating lower than 3.6 but this one pisses me off the most. Yes, the story starts out find with the main character suddenly remembering his past life and wants to change yada yada. However, his change takes up around 60 chapters which I get it, its a lot more realistic than most light novel so ill give em that. But, the amount of SIDE STORIES IT HAS IS WORSE THAN ONE PIECE AND NARUTO. SPOILER: When the MC confronts the... more>> mercenary natalia. Its great, theres a plot nd everything something all stories should have ^-^... Until you realize its 1 chapter of action 3 chapters of needless backstory. Rinse and repeat. Chapters are also way to short for this kind of bs. <<less
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New OfficePony rated it
August 10, 2018
Status: c11
Fairly bad...

First, the translation quality is not the best, nor is it very good, it's kinda floating between "Okay" and "Machines-can-do-it-better" territory. It feels like the syntax is just a bit off in most sentences and the use of first-person perspective in storytelling always throws off the immersion. (Something I always tell writers, a story is set in stone as far as a reader is concerned. When they get to it, it's already happened. Usually FPP is used as a narrative device to further explain certain events from a different... more>> point of view that needed a closer look, but when it's used as the main writing device it becomes a hindrance to the reader since all information only comes from the point of view given instead of all that could possibly be seen to help a reader understand what is going on. Constant shifts between third-person and first-person perspective are just jarring, ruining immersion.)

The story itself, while an interesting cliche, is executed so poorly and randomly that it leaves you wondering why something was done. Honestly, half of the actions that the MC takes just leave me scratching my head and trying to figure out if there was supposed to be some deeper meaning.

So, overall, this story is a huge mess. It could have been good but the writing and poor translation just don't do the cliche any justice. <<less
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Iris Lazuli rated it
December 31, 2016
Status: c104

In the original setting the Piggy Duke was supposed to be the villain, but the truth is he's the person who keeps on protecting Charlotte but since the MC was reincarnated into the persona of Piggy Duke then he made a vow that he'll be able to say his true feelings to his maid. Hmmm well this is my own opinion regarding the novel
1. I can't really say that it's the typical reincarnated to villain character troupe 'cause the MC just somehow seems to be the true Main Character of this novel 'cause the character of the supposed hero is pretty lame for me
2. For the love factor. Well he's not dense or wimpy at all to say to Charlotte that he loves her and in fact he did confess around the 80 - 100 chapters and he also made some flags with his former fiance and the princess of his country
3. As of 104 he's finally slim downed and finish the academy arc and his on the road to the empire for his new journey
PS: Might add something else in the near future

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NeNaShi rated it
March 13, 2017
Status: c234
I remember reading this a some time ago and had the initial impression that it was good but didn't have much of a strong impression (updates and pacing easily make it forgetful). Though I say that I always found reading this being somewhat good and somewhat reaaaallllyyy annoying because of how the author paces.

These are the bad and good of what I personally thought:

... more>>

The Good

- It has a good character depth and development. The heroine (s) and other characters get some nice development because of how the author gives us a in depth view on their past and their perspective in the things going around them and what they themselves think about it. We also see their whole growth and change as they struggle and develop through events that occur to them or around them. Don't remember if this applied to the buta mf MC though.

* Author is a troll at love developments, albeit the actual developments themselves are stagnant/ignored by recipient for 'reasons' which are actually reasonable. But anyways the author actually trolled me at the Alicia event where she we get her view of her love, I wont spoil for it since it's actually really witty.

* The plot is.... well uh simple. Basically about some guy (MC) who gets memories of his past life, knows the future events of his world, changes his future from being a villain into stealing the anime MC's whole harem, romcom, some misunderstandings, being op, and the anime plot where the world needs to be saved from demon king/war. That's it. This in turn keeps the story is interesting because it has a simple objective and the story doesn't fork off into random areas. Everything that has happened, so far, correlates to the anime-storyline/plot. The dialogues with (some) characters along the way also keep it interesting as a slapstick. Never read too deep into this novel, always think to the simplest things. Complex things? Whats that? Is the gist of this novel from where I left off. Its either un/explained horribly, or horribly executed if its anything complex.

* Multiple perspectives. We get perspectives of different characters and see how things develop. It isn't just to make the MC look good either, some of them have actual important pieces of information that play a part in the story. Well this realigns with why the characters develop.

The Bad:

* MC's whole existence as well as his reasoning in love is shallow. Both are in the: "It's a it's like that because it's like that" reasoning.

* The number one most bad thing about this novel, which you can even read from JP reviews, is the god awful random pacing. The author is really bad at foreshadowing and pacing chapters. For each event/volume, the author does a little thing where he shows you things that will happen in the future. This might have been a great way to give the readers a teaser, but holy ---- this author coupled with his pacing+update intervals does it so horribly. Instead of getting a teaser I just end up feeling like reading the ending of the volume (that's more complicated/intricate than the actual result) with no idea how tf I got here. I'm just left confused while the author is over there looking at me with a smug face that's saying "Hah. I see you're left in awe from reading my masterpiece." Which is actually what my impression is because this is a common mistake new writers make: leaving something that should've been so simple into something more complex so that they themselves feel they did something great.

* BUHI BUHI. This might have been funny the early episodes, but after a while it serves no purpose other than being a trademark of the MC. Even the whole explanation on why he keeps panting buhi buhi but the whole execution and after-interactions when it's revealed just make it a "Its there because its there"

* The writing. In it's original language, there were a couple of arcs/chapters that just annoyed me reading it. Most of it is a batch of informal writing and gives the impression of reading an anime instead of watching it. I still remember, even to this day, having to google up slangs and other sh*t that only someone in high school would understand. Even the dialogues were like reading a dialogue of some


Overall its ok but not that great. It's one of those novels that you leave to accumulate dust and once its piled up enough so you can binge. Since it's not really a novel worth reading 1 chapter per week. <<less
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pomoli rated it
March 28, 2017
Status: --
- Interesting main character background: I like transmigrations into hated main characters and their struggle to change.
- Beautiful character design in the illustrations. Even the supposed horrible "piggy duke" is kinda cute.
- Translation is average (sticks too much to the original language, untranslated bits here and there, some weird sentences...). I've seen way worse though, so it's a pass I guess.

- No logical explanations on the MC goal, he does what he does just because.
- The MC is way too emotionally driven, it's like the... more>> fact that he was a transported person is completely forgotten. And it's weird even from the original piggy MC, who is supposed to hide that he's actually smart.
- The comical effect of the "buhi" interjection becomes quickly annoying: we get it, the MC is fat. It's the same with the "I'm hated because I'm fat" overuse too. In fact the comedy kinda kills the whole story for me.
- The background lore is too simple. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
March 2, 2017
Status: c53
Could have been a good story if it has focused direction, this series tend to move into random direction. Sometimes it feels like there are lots of logic leaps, like from A suddenly becomes K and then suddenly becomes C. Most of the time there's no logical reason for it, "it just happened to be like that, just ignore it. You lose if you mind." I know this is comedic in nature but the leaps feels jarring even for comedic standard.

The MC is always in high-tension that seems suppossed to... more>> be funny but because most of the times it's self-deprecating jokes it becomes awkward to read. <<less
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ASadLinguist rated it
February 20, 2017
Status: c6
'Piggy Duke' (Buta Kōshaku ni Tensei sh*takara, Kondo wa Kimi ni Suki to Iitai) could be a good story, but it's plagued by bad first-person point-of-view sentences. These sentences probably sound better in the native language, but translations are meant to convey the meaning of another language rather than translate word for word. If the translation can't do that well, then it turns away potential readers. In addition, the chapters don't have a consistent length. For long running series, there is usually a minimum of 4, 000... more>> words per chapter. From what I read, the novel moves from very short to very long. This suggests that the author hasn't thought of how he/she will write each chapter, making the story become a mishmash of very short to long chapters.

2/5 for 'Piggy Duke'. Good potential, but bad execution. <<less
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Artemis1990 rated it
October 21, 2016
Status: c2
So far the story seem like a typical "underdog turned champion". The main character (of the novel), has interesting character and somewhat "tragic" back story but there's not much else about it, it might ot might not change in the future but for now, it has a lot of potential.
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July 1, 2018
Status: 60
piggy duke did this, piggy duke did that, piggy duke was. The amount of time the author repeats piggy duke is really cringeworthy.

Don't bother reading this the main character doesn't have self-respect to the point he calls himself a pig and starts to make funny pig noises every time its frustrating.

My review for this is -1 as the only thing it did was manage to piss me off.

The author always trails of the story by introducing random flashbacks at important events and also changing POV's (point of views) of different... more>> characters <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 18, 2018
Status: c3
  1. I don't typically like these transmigrated into anime character things because it is usually written in cliche with no real background info to be engaged/drawn into the story
  2. Doesn't really have set goal and seems like author is trying to write out on the plot of the anime which made me not like it as the anime isn't known to us (at least I'm guessing its made up anime)
  3. Background is too simple lacks things that are unique
  4. Repetitive
  5. Lighthearted but dull tragic
  6. Author trys to make this like an under-rated MC
  7. Reading it these 3 chapters made the book seem to lack anything that stood out to me and made the book seem dull
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