The Fake Marquis’ Son Is Now Living Freely After Having Fallen to the Status of a Commoner and Exiled Abroad, Huh? Can You Come Back? Of Course That’s Impossible.


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Sabio Pazzini, the second son of a prestigious noble family with a lineage of magicians, was born with a ‘no magic’ which was judged during a magical assessment. Despite lacking magical abilities, Sabio possessed an exceptionally brilliant mind, and his family warmly supported him. One fateful day, it was revealed that Sabio was not of noble blood but instead a changeling of the fairies, as the priest declared. The true heir was a beautiful angelic boy resembling his family. Consequently, Sabio was exiled from the country as a ‘criminal conspiring against the royal and noble families.’

In the neighboring country, Sabio registered with a guild and embarked on his second life under the name ‘Kokuyou’.

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4 Reviews

Nov 18, 2023
Status: c68
I'm the translator here, pretty much the people here too harsh.

It's a story without substance, the title itself show it but people still reading it expecting something extraordinary, when it's not to their liking they would rate it down. It's what happen to a lot of Japanese light novel / web novel here.

For example, people know how most harem MC in Japanese novel are naive and couldn't take a hint but somehow people keep reading expecting them to be doing women here and there, if not they would rate it... more>> down. Or the opposite when the MC not naive and doing women here and there, people complain that the women are one dimensional.

People should kept their expectation in check, especially since the taste of people are different. You don't see people here disliking Yaoi rate the series down, so if you don't like story with MC that doesn't have goal and target don't rate it down when the title already indicate that.

Anyway about this series until the existing last chapter, the story is probably not about the MC who was abandoned but more about what happen to people that have abandoned him. For me, this is quite an interesting take which differ from most story. The MC not vengeful but just the type who don't care.

The first chapter of the story is about what happens to the MC 3 females friend who left him for bad boy. We probably could categorize it into idiot, normal, and smart girl. Probably author wants to depict that all type of women would still fall for the bad boy rather than boring boy like MC and the consequences of that. The fault not all in the women since they were drugged, but probably the author just add it to soften his extreme view regarding women.

The second chapter of the story is about MC journey, actually this is more boring since it's seems like a mess.

The third chapter of the story is about what happens to the Kingdom and family that abandoned him. Imo it can be summarized as what happen to a company if the higher ups Karen kick out their best employee.

The story has more depth in the meaning then what the reviewers here stated since it vaguely describes real life agonies but read with your own risk since the author hasn't continue for almost 2 months but this is probably the author most successful web novel seeing the ratings of his past works. <<less
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Oct 25, 2023
Status: c20
I started reading expecting some sort of "magicless person improving magic with theory" plot. Instead from chapter 5 onwards was all about how some random girls suffered because they "wronged?" MC. For 15 chapters it's all this gal is getting banished, that gal got a power removal thingy, the other one got her title removed etc. Etc.

I don't know maybe I am jumping the gun here and it's all an elaborate set up to create a whole redemption arc for whole team. But so far it smells like one of... more>> those novels. <<less
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Jan 16, 2024
Status: c68
The story was intriguing from the moment I read the first chapter till the last. Unfortunately, there were no more chapters. The world-building is neat but limited, and while there were too many povs, I think this novel is good
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All Night
All Night
Nov 18, 2023
Status: c61
How to put this politely... This isn't a good novel. The rating of 3/5 is highly generous, even reading up to the latest chapter in hopes that the writing would improve.

My issue lays in the continuity of the story or rather lack there of. The places, people, and events that occur in the places the MC visits are either hastily written without any introduction, depth, proper closure, or are skipped all together.

The other issue is 95% of chapters are POV chapters from other characters. These chapter mainly showing that they... more>> regret what they did, but no real apologizes just regret that things got worse after exiling him. The MC hardly gets chapters from his POV.

for example in the first few chapters The MC is exiled and thrown outside the country's border. He is given the option to go to an orphanage, or join "The Guild" (Assuming an adventurers guild)

Then BAM 6 month timeskip the MC has joined (and left) a party of three beautiful woman and is now a renowned apothecary. Nothing in earlier chapters shows he had any talent for medicine.

for another example One character Nina supposedly joined him in his travels in one chapter, but somehow disappeared the next chapter?

If we're talking characters 90% of the characters he meets except the few at the beginning immediately have a good impression, even characters that are supposedly not fond of outsiders... to the point they forcibly try to make him stay. <<less
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