The Exiled Cheating Magician Enjoys an Unrestrained Second Life. ~I Can Give “Strengthening Points” Not Only to Weapons, but Also to Everything, and I Can Unlock the Effect at Any Time of My Will, but Are the Rest Okay?~


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Enhancing weapons and armor with “Strengthening Points,” Rain, a magician, suddenly got fired from the adventurer’s guild.

“All weapons and armor in the guild got stronger. Thanks to that, this guild became the strongest. You’re not needed anymore.”

Rain’s friends, who he thought were allies, only saw him as a tool.

In despair, Rain took back all the “Strengthening Points” he had given to guild members’ weapons and armor.

“From now on, fight with your own strength.”

The guild adventurers didn’t notice their gear weakened, so they couldn’t perform as before. Meanwhile, Rain used “Strengthening Points” for himself, creating the strongest weapons and armor.

“Let’s start with… ‘Copper Sword +10000.’ It might be stronger than a holy sword…”

Thus, the exiled magician began a carefree life as the strongest weapon and armor user, embarking on great adventures.

Associated Names
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Tsuihousareta Cheat Fuyo Majutsushi wa Kimama na Second Life wo Ouka suru
Tsuihousareta Cheat Fuyo Majutsushi wa Kimama na Second Life wo Ouka suru. - Ore wa Buki Dake Janaku, Arayuru Mono ni "Kyouka Point" wo Fuyo Dekirushi, Ore no Ishi de Itsu demo Kouka wo Kaijo Dekiru kedo, Nokotta Hitotachi Daijoubu?
追放されたチート付与魔術師は気ままなセカンドライフを謳歌する。 ~俺は武器だけじゃなく、あらゆるものに『強化ポイント』を付与できるし、俺の意思でいつでも効果を解除できるけど、残った人たち大丈夫?~
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Sherrynity rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: v2c1
Aah, what a wasted potential. MC can uses strengthening magic for his equipment. But instead of polishing his combat skill, he went oonga boonga using those enchanted equipment as a mere beating stick.

Imagine getting an Excalibur and you use them as a baseball bat.

What a pity...
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