The End Of Misunderstanding: Regret And Reunion


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In an attempt to escape from the Baron family, Diana, the illegitimate child of Baron Laffin, married Erno Larson Penrill, known as a monster that devours his brides.

Nevertheless, in her husband’s eyes, she would leave him anyway. She was a deceiver, constantly weaving clumsy lies; she was a mere figure in name only.

“Just stay as you are now, wife.”

“Don’t do anything unnecessary; don’t dare to covet my love. Just exist as a mere figure in name.”

Diana needed a place to belong and a name for her to exist alone, away from the Baron family.

She couldn’t bear to let go, even though she knew she was nothing more than a convenient scarecrow and would be rejected by everyone.

However, the moment she obediently let go of her greed to merely exist as her husband wished,

“Please stay as you are,”

“Just as now. Stay like this.”

Erno’s regrets began.

On the night Diana escaped with a child in her womb, Erno made a vow:

The end of this misunderstanding will not be regret, but a reunion.

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The End of Misunderstanding Is Regret And Reunion.
오해의 끝은 후회 그리고 재회
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