The Distant Trail of Ciara Badvia


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Tyril Zeeland is a young girl living in a rural town in a magical civilization. One day, the childhood friend she was living with suddenly embarks on a journey. While feeling lonely and left behind, Tyril is visited by a messenger from the castle.

“You are the daughter of the world’s greatest sorceress, Ciara Badvia.”

Surprised to hear the name of her mother, who she didn’t even know, Tyril decides to enroll in the capital’s magical academy, hoping to grow and discover more about herself. There, she encounters irreplaceable friendships, invaluable mentorship, and terrible malice.

How will Tyril confront that malice, which plunges her and her surroundings into chaos? And will she be able to unlock her potential as a sorceress?

This is a high fantasy human drama that follows the growth of a girl in a completely different world, with no reincarnation or transmigration involved. Enjoy the story in the third person perspective, mainly focusing on the protagonist throughout the entire narrative.

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07/30/23 Luminary Translations c0-3-4
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