The Despised Level 0 Incompetent Explorer Is Actually the World’s Strongest ~ The First Place in the Exploration Ranking Is a Mysterious Person


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In response to the progressing destruction of the Earth, the goddess has caused “dungeons” to appear in various locations worldwide to give people trials. She left behind the message, “If you do not achieve a certain value in the exploration ranking within the time limit, humanity will perish.”

The remaining people recruited “explorers” to conquer the dungeons, and the world entered an era of favoring the explorers.

In the midst of this, Suzuki Hinata, forever labeled as Level 0 and looked down upon, tried to register for the first time but fell into a mysterious dungeon.

Despite Hinata’s level not rising from 0, he actually possessed the power to gain unlimited skills in exchange for not leveling up.

For the sake of his sister, who is waiting for his return, Hinata acquires every skill and becomes the strongest explorer by conquering the mysterious dungeon.

“Huh? The person in first place in the exploration ranking doesn’t have their name listed?”

With the appearance of the mysterious first-place ranking, the world changes dramatically. Of course, so does Hinata’s life.

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He’s Scorned as a Useless Explorer, but He’s Actually the Strongest in the World ~The Mysterious Rank 1 Explorer~
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bozakir rated it
June 17, 2023
Status: c12
It's ok to read if you are really bored and looking for something like this. (I.e. "Underdog" protagonist risking his life for his family getting a fortuitous encounter and getting powerful).

But it's pretty dumb to be honest. MC is already overpowered beyond measure. He gets skills faster than a chinese protagonist. He feels hungry he gets hunger resistance, he runs he gets speed boost. He gets winded he gets endurance boost. If he were to fart, I expect him to get odourless fart skill.
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