The Deer King


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Van is the leader of Lone Horn, a group of soldiers on a hopeless mission to defend their country from the encroaching empire. Van had expected to die in the war, but somehow he ends up a prisoner, chained with other s*aves in a salt mine.

A sudden vicious attack interrupts this hopeless existence. Wild dogs with strange skill and purpose race through the mine attacking everyone in it. Van defends himself, but he too is bitten. The dog runs off; but the bite carries an infection.

When Van regains consciousness, apparently some days later, he finds that all his fellow prisoners are dead. Breaking free of his chains he searches the camp. The guards, prisoners and other workers are all dead. But in one hut, a woman had died hiding her baby daughter from the dogs. With this little girl, whom he calls Yuna, Van sets off out of the camp.

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Shika no Ou
Shika no Ō
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Tresdin rated it
May 31, 2021
Status: v1c4
Decent novel.

About half of the narration follows a doctor trying to cure the disease that the main character lives through, plus try to explain germ theory to medieval people. The other half follows the main character who has not really done anything noteworthy yet. It's fine and written pretty good for a light novel, but the passive and introspective nature of the main character mean the pacing is definitely on the slow side.
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