The Dark Wizard and the Inquisitor


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In an era when the history marked by war gradually turns into cold dust, I open the ancient texts that recorded the blasphemous, frenzied Outer Gods, tasting like mad ramblings. My fate thus flashes before my turbid gaze.

The flames of war will once again descend upon the entire world, kingdoms and races will be overthrown and reborn in blood and fire, and all living beings will wail for their suffering and destiny. War never ends. Under the flames of faith and interest, no one is innocent, and no one can escape unscathed.

Listen well, Jeanne d’Arc, I stand at the crossroads of two paths. One, I will abandon reason and follow your guidance, offering my soul to your justice, for I have become your knight; the other, I will curse everything with the madness and hatred of the Outer Gods, the seeds of fire will be extinguished, life will no longer be brilliant, and everything will head towards the end of extinction, for I was originally a Dark Wizard, a madman who contacted the Outer Gods…

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