The Dark Lord: Princess Seraphina


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「A princess born in the Kingdom of Astria shall bring the end of the world.」

A prophecy foretold of a great danger that would befall, and thus she, born as a princess, must die to prevent it from coming to pass. Against all odds, she managed to hold onto life with the help of her parents’ opposition, growing up surrounded by their love and adoration, but….

Eventually, she became the very dark lord that had been prophesied.

“Please, kill me. Don’t let me destroy the world any longer…!”

A world engulfed in utter chaos. The world she laid to ruin. In her darkest moment, when all semblance of hope had vanished and she longed for release from her suffering, a sharp and frigid blade found its way into her chest. It was none other than the sword of Cassiel, the rightful heir to the holy kingdom.

Just as she thought it was all over….

“Sera, even if everyone in the world hates you, Daddy will give you a love greater than that.”

“My dear little sister. A world that hates you deserves to be destroyed.”

She went back in time to when she was ten years old, when her dear dad and brother were still alive! It was a second opportunity. While she dreamed of leading this life peacefully….

“I am Cassiel Rune Erdmann.”

There stood the hero of the century who killed the dark lord, Cassiel. He appeared and held out delicate flowers instead of a sharp blade.

“Princess Seraphina, please let me be your fiancé.”

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Demon King Princess
Princess Dark Lord
마왕 왕녀님
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