The Daily Life of the Late Bloomer Tamer


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“Law of Justice Online” is the first VRMMORPG made in Japan.

Yuta Sasaki was miraculously selected for the first shipment of the game among more than 20 million applicants. A VRMMORPG that he had dreamed of.

Of course, he quickly planned a game marathon session!

After acquiring his long-dreamed tamer job, Yuto aka Yuta, landed in the world of LJO with great enthusiasm, but…….

“What do you mean my monster has no battle power at all? A farmer? Gnome?! But he is definitely a farmer.”

What kind of future awaits Yuto, who stumbled at his first step?

Associated Names
One entry per line
A Late-Start Tamer's Laid-Back Life
Deokure Tamer no Sonohigurashi
The Life and Times of a Late Bloomer Tamer
出遅れテイマーのその日ぐらし (WN)
出遅れテイマーのその日暮らし (LN)
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/24/22 Lupus Sensei c49
11/24/22 Lupus Sensei c48
11/11/22 Lupus Sensei c47
11/05/22 Lupus Sensei c46
10/20/22 Lupus Sensei c45
10/20/22 Lupus Sensei c44
10/13/22 Lupus Sensei c43
09/30/22 Lupus Sensei c42
09/16/22 Lupus Sensei c41
09/16/22 Lupus Sensei c40
08/11/22 Lupus Sensei c39
08/11/22 Lupus Sensei c38
07/15/22 Lupus Sensei c37
07/15/22 Lupus Sensei c36
06/24/22 Lupus Sensei c35
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lvlHive rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: c49
After reading to the Currently highest chapter I can honestly say this is a fairly good Vrmmo story.

His tames are cute and unique, he gets them on at a good pace not too many at the start, and the fact that they are unique monsters explains why they have such good stats and skills unlike other stories where they just tame the first monster in beginner valley use them to fight boss monsters and high level players and somehow are the only one taming them.

While it does follow the trope... more>> of the MC getting alot of never before seen titles or skills for the most part but since it is in the limited first release stage just after the beta it makes sense that some of these titles werent unlocked yet and not he also sometimes isnt the first one to unlock the titles

Examples include Dying 3 times in a row on the first day of play, Having his first 3 tamed monsters all be Unique (wasnt the first to get this title), Not killing a single monster for 96 hours in game.


The NPC are the standard Vrmmo super advanced AI that are basically humans.

Cant properly comment on the farming aspect because he basically just skips all the hard stuff with his Gnome so it is literally a money and rare item printing machine but all production job Novels are pretty cool. <<less
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Inurondo rated it
May 20, 2023
Status: c270

Wholesomeness 5/5.

95% of the cast are good people and the remaing 5% get silenced very quickly. The MC is surrounded in cute pets and a good portion of the story is filled with feeding the pets or watching other players fangirl over the pets.

... more>> Fighting 3/5.

The fights are okay, but we don’t get much since the MC’s pets are mostly production related.

Gaming 2/5.

The MC sucks at games. He doesn’t read the community board, misses basic mechanics, easily gets full of himself, and is dense enough to not realize what people think of him. If you want gaming, he’ll frustrate you.

The overall game is fine though. It’s pretty well balanced with the MC being pitifully weak in exchange for his farming buffs. That said, any zone the MC walks into will have at least one (major) thing that hasn’t been discovered yet. His play style is to use discovery bonuses to hard-carry his account, which isn’t too unreasonable since the only ones with more playtime than him are beta testers.

MC 3/5.

The MC takes it slow with farming, hanging out with his cute pets, and easily becoming famous (the protagonist luck is strong in this one). Worst part, in my opinion, is that MC has that ‘humbleness taken to such an extreme that it became ignorance and chronically low self esteem’ thing Japanese MCs are prone to having.


If you want it cute and wholesome, this gets my full recommendation. If you want an MC that’s intelligent, skilled, and/or good at reading social cues, this is not for you.

Side note:
I popped some raws in google translate and got up to chapter 270 on the webnovel (manga ch 15 is novel ch 41). The farther we get, the more cute pets the MC has and the more frustrating his gaming illiteracy is. <<less
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