The Creation Alchemist Enjoys Freedom -If I Am Exiled From My Hometown, I Can Make Magic Items With Transcendent Effects at the Knees of the Demon Lord-


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Thor Regus, a boy who lived in the empire, was banished to the territory of the Demon Lord by the hands of his father, the Duke.

The reason was that he could only use [Alchemy] and didn’t have any combat skills.

The empire was a military country, and those without combat skills were discriminated against.

That is why the Empire decided to make him a hostage and sacrifice to the Demon Territory.

This is a story about an exiled boy who transcends Empires and Heroes and transforms the Demon Territory into a civilized power.

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Sozou Renkinjutsushi wa Jiyuu wo Oukasuru
創造錬金術師は自由を謳歌する -故郷を追放されたら、魔王のお膝元で超絶効果のマジックアイテム作り放題になりました-
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Fluffums rated it
August 29, 2021
Status: c110
One of the few rare "misunderstanding" type comedies I can enjoy. It's closer to a 3.5/5 for me but I'll round up because it's so rare that I don't want to strangle the main character...

Aside from the beginning (novels that start with exile never make sense, just skip the part until the main character discovers his new powers etc in any novel like this), and aside from the extremely slow romance (which does make sense here, given the protagonist's personality).

This is a novel about a mad scientist with a heart... more>> of gold, trying to make inventions from "the hero world" as seen through the lens of a fantasy world inhabitant who has only heard legends of heroes and never met any himself. It just turns out that the items he makes to help people in their daily lives are?...

The heroines are cute, the fairies are cuter, the old men are funny, the invention interpretations are clever. Overall worth a try. <<less
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Mattll rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c73
I thought it would be just a wish fulfilment but it's more of a comedy where it takes everyday items from another world and misunderstands their function spectacularly. There is a limit to what he can do and I enjoy the character interactions with all the cast. If you enjoy slice of life and wacky inventions definitely worth a go
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ilLUMIAnated rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c146
I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the misunderstanding genre. So I'll take a bit of time to rant in this spoiler section below.

... more>>

Misunderstandings- a genre that moves the story forward by pitting its characters in situations that can be interpreted incorrectly, leading to a mixed bag of outcomes ranging from comedy to tragedy. Regardless of this, getting your intentions misunderstood in any situation doesn't feel very good. The genre is a balancing act, where the entire plot stands on a burning tightrope and where one mistake can plunge the whole story into an abyss. A prime example for this would be "The Darkness was comfortable for me", where the authors moves characters in ways that make the MC absolutely miserable. Does it work? No. Could it have been better in any capacity? Absolutely. On the polar opposite side of this stands "I am the evil lord of an intergalactic empire" where the main character's actions are dealt out with malicious intent behind them but more often than not end up being used as fuel for some repetitive, but hilarious moments. Could the evil lord be better? Absolutely, as it gets very stale as the story progresses. The same antagonist trying to get the MC to be miserable and the MCs sheer dumb luck and dedication to worship the antagonist gets old down the line. My experience with the misunderstandings genre has been, a mixed bag overall. Thus the love-hate with it.


Now that my experience with the genre has been outlined with a semi-coherent rant. Let's take a look at this novel. This novel revolves around an alchemist, Thor Regus (later known as Thor Canaan) hailing from what can only be described as an empire quite severely lacking in the brains department.


And, true to the previous statement, the Duke of said empire had abysmally low IQ as they "pawned off" for the lack of a better word their own son, Thor to the demon lord. Even when Thor methodically removed himself from the Duke's family, they still made use of the poor chap as a hostage to "sate the wrath of the demons". This would later ensure the free-falling decline of the Duke and other parties involved.

When in reality the demon lord and the rest of the cast on the demon side are far more humane in contrast. They show concern and compassion to this stranger dispatched as an emissary to their lands which was more than enough for our alchemist to dedicate his skills to the betterment of the demons. The empire, being the melting pot of human malice that it is continued to find new ways to disturb the borders of the demon territory and so to squash these sinister schemes, our alchemist sets off onto a journey of misunderstanding items from the earth and creating "knock-off" magic tools that aid both in combat and daily life. The misunderstandings here is simply cultural. Like archaeologists trying to piece together puzzles in order to understand a long dead civilization that exists as nothing more than trivial records, Thor pieces together information from a book from the world of heroes. In the process, however, Thor ends up creating what can be called an arsenal of tools that not only serve as comedic gold (thanks, chancellor Kerve) but also in creating an overwhelming deterrent to the empire. The world building is lax, but present when necessary, the charcters are well written and each of them play quite a substantial role in progressing the story.

The core mechanic of the novel, alchemy is well explained, but still leaves room for improvement. Overall, I enjoyed the novel and would've given it a five star rating if not for the alchemy bits taking a backseat as the story goes on. I like the aspect of production, I would've liked it if the author tried to keep things a touch more believable by making the MC stumped on finding materials and whatnot, thinking about substitutes and the design of the tools they make and all that. I can't have it all, but hey, doesn't hurt to dream, yeah?

I recommend it to anyone who likes production based slice of life novels and can put up with the misunderstanding trope being used for fun moments.

Edit- Holy wall of text Batman! I guess I did rant a bit much even during the review, so I'll use spoiler tags to make it a bit easier to read in chunks.

Edit 2- I failed to adress the harem element initially so I'm going to do it here. The harem is very standard, yeah, just that. However, the characters and their interactions with the MC in said harem are wholesome, which makes it a bit more easier to navigate around if you have reservations about harems. <<less
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Pikachu123 rated it
July 7, 2021
Status: c36
This story is great. I especially find many things funny like secrets that are known but the person still thinks hardly anyone or no one knows the secret.... more>>

For example Thors secret that he tells the demon king and Maple but than the general finds out about it but decides to not let Thor know. Thinking that Thor wouldn't be calm if he knew the way the empire thinks of him. Which I find especially funny


Also with the more recent chapters it just shows one point. The empire is stuck in the past and doesn't know how to move forward and keeps on relaying on past items that are past there prime. (Read chapter 35 if you want an example) <<less
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spathi rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: c64
-1 star just for the dumbass intro

... more>>

It's mentioned he did the paperwork and is no longer part of the duke's family so he basically got kidnapped and sent to this death.

The duke kept bragging about it too yet there are zero repercussions for it.

Legally speaking he kidnapped a man, sent him to his death and told everyone about it. It's all dumb as hell


-1 star for the woman wanting to beeline into his pants


Falling in love the same day they meet is so common already I don't even care anymore.

What I do care about is someone she has literally never seen nor heard of before but want to get it on is completely ridiculous.


-2 stars for "alchemy"


Biggest offender by far.

For all the world shattering items he makes and the supposed emphasis on item creation the author instead decides to skip the process entirely.

He says he needs materials but never specifies them so instead it seems like he just grabs random crap and instantly materializes objects into existence.

It's like going into the living room and making a nuclear submarine.


+1 star for translator's effort <<less
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hawlol rated it
April 10, 2022
Status: c26
This is a juvenile novel.

The characters wear their feelings on their sleeves, telling us how they're feeling all the time and being melodramatic. And while I've read and even liked some 'fluff' stories, here you can feel the cringe since it's so forced and quick to happen.

The dialogue is repetitive and wasteful. There's an absurd amount of written content dedicated to pleasantries and formal/casual speech or how said character should be addressed.

The women all behave the same and are shallow cardboard waifus who fall in love with the MC at... more>> the same chapter they meet, for no reason or simply for being indebted to him because the were given a magical item.

His powers are not explained and he can just create whatever item he wants at any time with minimal effort and materials, so don't except any challenge/tension. He's also the dense doormat kind of JP MC we all know (and hate).

Plot consists of the usual formula: Unreasonable exile because MC didn't have attack magic/class + he being immediately successful in the new place and girls throwing themselves at him for no reason + people who banished him being in trouble because the MC was too important but no one realized. It neither brings something new nor does the old well as the aforementioned problems.

I tend to be forgiving with Japanese fantasy novels like this, but this one is doesn't do anything right. <<less
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Dragomon2 rated it
November 11, 2021
Status: c42
A very great novel with a relaxing take. I would recommend people to read this but with more of an empty mind. Expectations should not be high nor should the need of something epic happening. There is little action in regards to the main character (it happens with others, the main character is more so the "inventor" that helps others) and is taken place in a foreign kingdom as he helps them grow while making new friends. So far in the novel, romance is hinted but nothing has been done... more>> much about it, and a few tropes happen, like misunderstandings. Though do mind that such trope clears itself rather quickly (in a good way and not "MC hides his secret for a billion chapters").

I guess if I were to give a bit of a complaint in regards to the novel, it would have to be how everyone is distinct as an enemy or friend rather quickly. For a novel that is meant more for teens, this is to be expected, but it would be nice to have people the main character not be so trusting as much, or a situation where the main character already met someone fated to have good relations for the rest of their lives.

But as I said in the beginning, it's really nice if you want a change of pace in regards to fantasy novels. It is relaxing, the MC isn't in an action scene every minute, and there are some rather cute scenes/interactions with the characters. (Also a nice bonus of alchemy and kingdom building (without the MC being the ruler)). <<less
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AdmiralUnknown rated it
March 12, 2023
Status: c10
Real bad imo. The start was good, MC really had a genuine reason to hate his family, especially his father, and the empire. But how it proceeds after that wnt downhill. One, his skill suddenly being upgraded for no apparent reason. Sure, it explains that how, spoilers:

... more>>

He basically got an upgrade just from entering the Demon part of the continent because the place has abundant dark energy. It's not that he consciously does it, but no. Its automatic. In most novels people have elemental affinities. And even if they do, they first need to manually take a certain element in, accumulate and raise its size pool, then balance things out since he apparently also has opposing elements in his body. The guy wanted to make something and his skill informs that he lacks dark energy, which he suddenly gets after the Demon lord went near him. He just fking absorbed someone else's magic power without any input or permission, subconsciously, and without any repercussions such as the Demon Lord suddenly losing magic power or realizing the MC was absorbing any dark energy. Note that this is the Demon Lord, said to be the Strongest of the Demon race.


The biggest red flag would be that after upgrading, the skill becomes broken. And author used the most lazy approach, creating something from nothing. It says it uses magic power, but how much is not specified. He can create materials of unknown origin or specifications and create stuff that contains principle he doesnt have a full understanding of. This novel is literally the phrase "It just works" novelized.

Characters also doesnt really have any personality. Or rather decent ones. The only consistent one ten chapters in would just be his strength obsessed father. Maid is not even naive, she is just there for there to be a plot device. To convince the Demon lord for the MC. Falls in love just for the simple thing of MC helping to fix her necklace. Demon Lord is young, but also has no personality. Accepts whatever reason the maid gives her in regards to the MC. MC also dumb since his reasons for keeping things a secret is soooooooo fcking dumb.


so like he kept the secret that the envoys the empire sends to the Demon continent every few years are actually deemed sacrifices by the empire. Sent there to fulfill the peace treaty and to die, cause their impressions of demons are uncivilized monsters who hates and kills humans. MC for some reason after finding out that the Demon side was real chill decides to keep this a secret because he fears that he will get treated badly. HIM. A guy who can create sh*t from nothing, can recreate technology and weapons from the summoned heroes world.


All in all, not even that good of a time killer. You'd just lose brain cells reading this. But if you have time to kill, nothing better to read, or just want a bulldozing MC story, go ahead. Enjoy. <<less
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Easykiln rated it
May 1, 2022
Status: c43
For the most part, it's what it appears to be at first glance. Wish fulfillment fluff, a balm of validation for wounded souls.

It has the general strengths and weaknesses of that genre: characterization is terrible because everything revolves around the protagonist and the others are props for either revenge or acknowledgement p*rn, the plot and setting often don't make sense because daydreams don't need world building, and trying to maximize reward with no true conflict leads to a flat and forgettable plot, but it's very easy reading when you're mentally... more>> or emotionally fried and just need something light to distract yourself and process the day. I can't call such works good in an objective sense, but they have their place if you know what you're getting into. Junk food.

The writing quality is about average for these sort of stories. Given the inherent limitations and different goals of the genre I would normally rate it 3 stars. I've deducted a star because it chose to be a novel centered around crafting, but it has none of the experimentation and iterative development that help give crafting type novels their charm. Most of the theory behind the items are obvious bullsh*t even in-world, a flop of dramatic irony that in reality just makes everything feel arbitrary and s*upid.

I don't recommend it, but I'm sure some people will find it scratches their itch. <<less
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Xuanyu rated it
February 16, 2023
Status: --
Misunderstandings, people simple and dumb beyond rekoning.

Seriously, the empire's people are so incompetent the country falls apart the moment this non combat MC gets trown away.

The alchemy skill just puts random crap together and then without little to no reason a normal item from our world appears without MC being aware what he is making. It just suddenly creates something that then appears to be just what needed for a revolution or something.

Even though MC does not understand how the item works, it just somehow works as he imagined it... more>> would.

Like a footbath capable of curing the incurable.

All the MC saw was a picture of a footbath in an e commerce magazine and then he made a divine artifact in the shape of a footbath without knowing how it works. <<less
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