The Daily Life of Farming and Raising Children in Ancient Mountain Residences


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Sang Luo traveled through time and was faced with a broken thatched hut and two children who were so hungry that they lost their looks.

Being poor and being a widow was still better than losing your life.

As for the lack of food at home, as long as they had hands, feet, and vast mountains, was there still a fear of starvation? Sang Luo wasn’t afraid; she rolled up her sleeves and got to work!


Shen Lie was pushed by his third uncle to serve in the military. After more than two years, when he returned to the village, the villagers were shocked to see him alive.

Upon inquiry, he found out that not only had he “died,” but he also gained an unseen wife. Moreover, his wife and two younger siblings were all divided up and sent away by his third uncle and aunt. They lived in the area where the Shen family was exiled, in the makeshift thatched cottage in the mountains.

A shabby thatched cottage which could kill people in windy and snowy days?

He didn’t bother to go home and question his uncle; he suppressed his anger and hurried to the mountains. When he arrived in front of the thatched cottage in the wind and snow, he could hardly recognise it as the place where he had lived.

This is a little different from what he thought…

The house has obviously been repaired and is no longer as dilapidated as before. A high courtyard wall has been built with yellow mud outside the house, and an extra stove has been built in the courtyard. It was dinner time when a young woman came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of hot food, followed by two children carrying rice, bowls, and chopsticks. As soon as they saw each other, the two children’s eyes widened, then they yelled “big brother” and rushed out.

What if a husband falls from the sky? Waiting online it’s quite urgent.

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New rosamundrosemary rated it
July 10, 2024
Status: c281
I think this is a really well done story using the typical cook/practical blogger travels back in time and becomes a farming peasant bringing her family into prosperity kinda vibe. However, I really think this novel needs a tragedy tag because I’d say a third of this novel is a... more>>

brutally realistic and heart breaking depiction of war and siege including things like starvation, disease, cannibalism,

I almost dropped it because it was so sad.

Basically it’s a well done novel if you like that kind of thing however the mood shifts drastically during those chapters and I would not recommend this for a light read. Just something to keep in mind. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
New ciel2024 rated it
June 18, 2024
Status: c172
Spoilerish ahead so don't read if you don't wanna know

Overall this is wonderful story with likeable main character with her found family and friends.

Though I'm just a little annoyed with how the writer keep on reminding how she live in the mountain to get her survival skill in previous life.

... more>> It just it reminded way too often and repetitive like yeah I know she live in mountain before.

The brothers and sister Shen An, Shen Ning and Shen Lie is all lovable characters.

Though since they kinda perfectly nice from beginning so don't expect much development.

Anyway what make me keep reading till now is Shen Jin.

At beginning he the typical ignorant kid being spoiled by his mother.

But unlike most adults here he know to learn from his past mistake and never repeat the bad thing.

Some annoying characters just never learn their mistakes and keep repeating them but Shen Jin the child manage to change for the better in very short time just through the right influence and experience.

He just keep improving to be the very best character in the whole story with the best character development arc.

He know his parents is horrible and the reason their family separate so he never blame his cousins for abandoning them at first even he suffer a lot later though Shen Lie always checking on them but those evil parents just doesn't deserve such wonderful kids.

I'm just rooting so much for him and his siblings.

I love how mature he becomes after surviving the horror but also extremely sad that he need to mature so fast at just 8-9 years old compare to how cheerful he is at beginning.

What happened to his little sister is too heartbreaking that his useless father better rotting in hell.

Well his mom at least have bit redemption at the end but she wouldn't think twice to sacrifice her nephew or niece if she given the chance so she is not that much different from her husband but still at least she genuinely love her children.

Shen Jin have strong and good personality that the tragedy only make him much stronger.

I love how he discipline and teach his little brother so they never gonna commit the same mistake as him in the past.

I kinda wish he get his own side story growing up as head of his little family.

He such a likeable character that he pretty much stole the show lol.

Anyway the most annoying/worse character beside Shen Jin's parents would be the wife of the Lu first branch family.

She is the worse.

The more chance she given the worse she act. Truly s*upid character. <<less
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Irisia rated it
April 10, 2024
Status: Completed
This novel is really really good. The plot is good, characters are well thought out, most of bad guys aren't just bad. Romance is slow and steady, not much of it.


... more>>

Shen Jin is a good good boy, just a bit ignorant at the beginning, the character that has the best development emotionally and moraly.

His mother, while not a good person and of questionable character, is a good mother. She had her little redemption arc and though it doesn't have much impact on other things, she at least redeemed herself as a mother. While she was greedy, she wasn't greedy for herself, but for her family.

Shen Jin's father... beast.

Little sister Tian Ya. Her arc is the most sad and the lowest point in the novel. RIP sweet girl.


Shen Lie and Sang Luo


From the beginning very decent characters, so not much character development, but is it really needed if you are already at the peak of being the best version of yourself? Really liked Shen Lie's attitude towards Sang Luo. Never questioned her, always supportive and doing his best to be on the same standing position as her. His thought process: I will become better so that I am worthy of being with you (no inferiority complex, but there is pressure being Sang Luo's husband) and so that I can protect you better because I know you are meant for great things.

And Sang Luo when he was trying for state school: If you succeedI will be your great wife snd we will do great things together. And if you don't, I will be your little pheasant wife farming together. No pressure.

So sweet.


Lu first born family


All I can say is like wife like husband. The children are good though, because they received good influence from outside.


And the most important thing. Sang Luo didn't really "invent" anything using her knowledge.

The food recipes weren't all unheard of, just horded privately by big families.

Plough was only improved, it existed beforehand. Paper of even better quality also existed beforehand, but once again horded by a few families.

Fertilisers existed beforehand too, but she introduced new types. And she introduced crop rotation as a concept, to be further developed by people, because she isn't portrayed as genius who knows everything.

The only real "invention" is the toilets that don't smell miles away in a sense, but also done the ancient way.

A perfect slice of life read. Thankfully not much involvement in politics, because it ruined a lot of novels for me.

Although the ending leaves a lot of questions but I also think it's a good place to end. Because I want them to have a good peaceful life and no-one writes about that, unless they want to bore readers. We already can imagine the approximate endings for the characters, no need to overcomplicated things. Although I would have liked a few extras, but so be it. Have a nice read. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
zetnnik rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: Completed
It was a good read. Highly recommended! The author did a good job in showing the readers the suffering and hopelessness of the common people against tyranny and corrupt government. One of my fave character was Shen Jin — I just felt for this guy and was rooting for him.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
helpernon rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c281
A nice take on a transmigration story where the focus is more down-to-earth. Rather than being involved in political upheaval, the story focuses on the daily life of a transmigrator who ends up with two sibling-in-laws and turns to cooking, foraging, agriculture, and small business to improve their lives, along with a pretty slow-burn romance. It gives an interesting viewpoint about how badly commoners suffered during civil war in ancient times and gets pretty dark when depicting the atrocities that could occur during war, and surprisingly the main characters never... more>> actually get involved in the change in dynasties, focusing solely on survival and staying out of the whole mess as much as they are able. Aside from showing that, it's a pretty peaceful story and the protagonist doesn't suffer too much with things generally going quite smoothly for her due to her modern day experiences of being able to identify useful mountain goods and being luckily surrounded by mostly trustworthy people. She doesn't really have personal growth outside of forming connections to others, but she does facilitate growth in those around her, with such growth most satisfyingly exhibited in one of the younger characters. The ending has things go a little too smoothly probably by dipping into the trope of bringing slightly more advanced techniques and technology to the masses the way other ancient Chinese transmigration infrastructure-building novels usually do, but it ends before the author turns it into something beyond a slice-of-life story and I kinda commend them for not giving into temptation and ending it where they did, haha.

For readers looking for something more dramatic, this might not be for you apart from the war tragedies parts, but if you enjoy family-oriented stories or a more casual business-leaning tale, you will probably enjoy this. I do have to mention, trigger warning for

cannibalism, as part of the war tragedies.

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
7skies101 rated it
April 5, 2024
Status: --
I really love how author portrays the characters in this novel. They are humane (well, some are quite 2d but for the most parts, they're all okay) and their struggles as well as decisions are all reasonable given the context of their time. I especially like how author didn't portray children as inherently bad when their parents are horrible people. Oftentimes in this kind of novels, when the parents are evil, their children will be the same. But author takes a different path and show that children can still be... more>> taught regardless of how their parents are. That being said, my favourite character in this story is shen jin. I ended up rooting for him more as the story progresses. I love his character development and the changes in his relationship with the main characters family.

10/10 recommended for reading. <<less
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Haosin rated it
March 24, 2024
Status: Completed
The story is short and open ended. I want to know what happens to shen jin and his brothers and if shen lie passes the imperial exam. But good slow life story.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
readingnu rated it
May 25, 2024
Status: c123
As described, it is a good novel. Personally, I had to stop at chapter 123 because like many others, I felt more connected to Shen Jin and his 2 brothers and sister. It was getting angsty (if you know, you know) and I read some of the reviews and knew it would be a hard road for them. Dont even know what happens to the sister but just know it is tragic. That is enough for me. I had to jump to last chapter after that and as already reviewed... more>> by others, it is open ended. Though I got closure with the brothers, I still feel torn. That is how much Shen Jin, his growth/development impresses you when you read, at least to me. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ease rated it
May 20, 2024
Status: Completed
Amazing in simplicity. The characters do not aim to be on top of world. Just enough to live by, in peace and prosperity. They went from hard time to chaotic time to finally some peace and reinvigoration of the nation. I think this is very written.

A few extra chapters will be great though. Too bad.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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