The Crown Prince is Actually a Princess!


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For 18 years she disguised herself as a man, and what a man: the Crown Prince of the Yan Kingdom.

Now in order to kill her greatest enemy, the current Prince Regent, she ended up in his hands.

Will she be able to keep her secret identity and succeed in killing him? Or will love bloom from hatred?

“His Royal Highness is Pregnant!” tells the story of Prince Murong Ci, the Crown Prince of the East Palace of the Great Yan State, who disguised herself as a man for eighteen years and protected herself as a “Straw Prince” and cultivated power in secret.

Her opponent, Murong Yu, the auxiliary Prince Regent, who was given the Emperor’s surname by the Emperor of Yan, had great martial skills and power, cruel and vicious, strategizing, and eyeing the Emperor’s power.

In order to regain the real power of the Murong clan, Murong Ci meticulously planned the assassination of the Regent, but she ended up beginning a strange relationship between them…

a strange love. She grew from being the “Straw Prince” to being the Emperor, he grew from being a domineering Prince Regent to a Wife-loving Demon.

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WHAT? the Crown Prince Is Pregnant! (Manhua)
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09/10/21 AlessiaTatsu c107 part3
09/10/21 AlessiaTatsu c107 part2
09/10/21 AlessiaTatsu c107 part1
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09/02/21 AlessiaTatsu c106 part2
08/30/21 AlessiaTatsu c106 part1
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08/26/21 AlessiaTatsu c104 part3
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08/17/21 AlessiaTatsu c103 part3
08/16/21 AlessiaTatsu c103 part2
08/16/21 AlessiaTatsu c103 part1
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SweetShireen rated it
April 21, 2021
Status: c70
This really does not deserve the low ratings it has. I went in with low expectations bc of the lack of reviews and low ratings, but was happily surprised by how good it was. This is, as of now, on the higher end of novels and a pretty damn interesting one too. I have no idea why it started off with the random but obligatory drugged bed scene that made me think it would be like every other novel because it has basically zero relevance to the plot and you... more>> could probably take it out and be much better off for it. Give it a chance.

What I like the most about this is the mystery. Our Crown Prince (ess) is quite the detective and crime solver, and she does most of the heavy thinking in the cases. I like how the ML and her, despite being antagonistic foes, are pretty much on equal ground and she gives as good as she gets.

The chemistry is sizzling. You can just feel the UST in the air.

Also, the translator is great and puts a lot of effort into their work, so I appreciate that. There are some lines that feel very poetic and I'm glad I can feel the effect of the prose, when it comes to the ML and FL's interactions. <<less
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Bluestone rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: c64 part3
It turned out suprisingly good. The mystery and crime will get you hooked up. The only downside in this is the "thing" that happened in the earlier chapter. I almost dropped this in a heartbeat but since I don't have anything to read I continued it and it hooked me somewhat.
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seleneilene rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c68 part2
I decided to give this a try even though it had a low rating because the comments seemed encouraging. BOY WAS I WRONG - the plot just doesn't make sense... it would have been redeemed a little if FL had some badass moments but she does not, she's always being rescued by the ML who is annoying af. honesty i've made it 68 chapters in and I can't tell you what ML's motivations are or what FL's backstory is, but you know what maybe we're not supposed to know/care?? maybe... more>> they're just implied and I'm a bad reader idk but at this point idgaf anymore.. also there's no pregancy so that was a lie (thanks summary lol) <<less
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