The Crazy Villain Regains His Sanity


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The protagonist, Choi Joon-ho, who had lived his life as a ruthless villain, indulging in power and bloodshed, one day returned to the past when he was an unemployed shut-in. He decided to turn his life around and use his strength for good, facing various challenges and obstacles along the way.

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미친 빌런이 정신을 되찾음
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New chang318 rated it
July 23, 2024
Status: --
I read the whole book,

Summarize MC's character in one sentence: "Crazy people don't think they are crazy."

Summarize in one sentence what people around MC think of him: "He's just a lunatic."

... more>> Personally I think it is a good work. Although there are female characters in this book, there is no clear romantic relationship until the end (because he is a madman)

Although MC insists that he is normal, we can tell from the way MC thinks in the text that he is not normal.

The complete version can be viewed on the Korean website through GOOGLE Translate (remember to buy the online novel version instead of the Bunko version. The online novel version can be viewed online through GOOGLE Translate)

This article was translated using GOOGLE Translate.

In addition, this novel does not contain any nationalistic elements.

As I said before, MC is a madman,

Therefore there is no nationalism,

There are a total of one or two hundred people in the strongest category. Before MC appeared, there seemed to be only four people in MC's country?

It's not that MC's country gets special treatment, it's that MC crushes everyone equally, but MC's country and companies get preferential treatment because of their cooperation.

In fact, leaders of MC countries view MC from the perspective of bombs.

No matter who it is (maybe except for family members), as long as they betray MC, there will be only one outcome. (However, in the later period, MC's personality became a little more mellow, or he became more socialized.)

MC with a very distinctive personality and consistent attitude

Is MC just?


He just decided to eradicate all evil people for the sake of his family and his own safety.

So is he evil?


Because he has had enough of the consequences of madness.

To a certain extent, MC is a saint, he has no desire for wealth/power/sex

(It may also be because he is a strong man and can easily hunt expensive monsters, so he is not short of money)

However, MC does not care about material comforts (except maybe Korean soup?), and spares no effort to eradicate all evil in the world (although no matter how big or small the crime is, as long as it is judged to be evil, there is only one ending) <<less
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Kakipii13 rated it
May 5, 2023
Status: c20
Info the description doesn't give: a fusion fantasy with monsters and hunters with supernatural powers (no gates or towers though). MC wants to live a normal life and wants to become a person his family can be proud of after regressing, so he decides to do the exact opposite of being a villain and gets a job in law enforcement. Hilarity ensues. It's not super deep but IS very fun. 10/10 for me.

(If you like this series you might like the webtoon I Was the Final Boss, which isn't... more>> adapted from a novel so I'm recommending it here) <<less
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Reindeer rated it
September 27, 2023
Status: c46
When you've read more than a few of cultivation, isekai, or dungeon novels, you can't help but feel like you've basically read all of them. That's just how it is, their predictability is both their strong point and weak point. The Crazy Villain Regains His Sanity is not one novel that breaks out of that mold and makes something truly special, but it isn't just one of the countless copies out there either. Here and there you'll find a novel fully embraces a genre's tropes and stereotypes and actually builds... more>> on it. This novel is one of such cases. It fully immerses itself in a world where humans have awakened and monsters claimed territory from humanity, in other words a dungeon story as I like to categorize them. But rather than focusing on dungeons like all the others in the genre (and in fact the novel completely abandons the concept of dungeons altogether), this novel explores a different area altogether. It focuses on a reformed villain that regresses back in time and who takes it upon himself to be a person that won't make his family suffer like he did in his previous life. The way he does it is something I've never seen yet in the genre, and that's by actually becoming a respected government official tasked with hunting down villains. The novel revolves around an overpowered protagonist with more than just a few screws missing in his head, and how the world reacts to his attempts at being a "good" person.

Characters: The novel is filled with sensible people with their own considerations, and while not particularly memorable, they are pleasant to read. The protagonist also has a good balance of trying to be considerate of what it would mean to be a good person while suppressing his psychopathic tendencies, but he would also never let anyone stop him from doing the compromise he's decided on.

Plot: Over the course of 40 chapters that I've read, the plot progression has been well-done. So far it hasn't felt that the story spent too much or too little time in every step of the process. It takes its time in showing us how the protagonist gradually rises up in influence and status. Time progression has also been natural, it's good that the author doesn't feel compelled to immediately make the protagonist the top dog for some cheap show-off scenes.

Vibe: The protagonist is immensely overpowered, having kept what seems like most of the strength he had from his previous life. The threats presented in the novels are all basically a joke once he confronts them so the conflict itself is not the source of entertainment in the novel. Rather, it's the aftermath of such encounters that hooks one into reading more and more just to see how the world reacts to the protagonist's actions as he is gradually revealed to the world.

All that said, while the novel is great for what it is and what it's trying to do, it isn't a particularly amazing novel that revolutionizes the genre. It is simply a creative novel that explores underutilized aspects of the genre and doing a good job at it. As long as you temper your expectations, it is a good novel to read during your off-days where you just want to read something decent to pass the time. Give it a try if you happen to like other novels in the genre. <<less
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Drake888 rated it
May 10, 2023
Status: c23
I am enjoying this one a lot. The MC is ridiculous with his OPness and lack of interest in complex social rules. He wants to be a government officer who catches bad guys to make his parents proud but he struggles with not harming them too much. Meanwhile, everyone else is freaking out about how powerful and dangerous he is.

It is more of a subdued humor instead of zany slapstick but I enjoy it. Also, there are some good, brutal action scenes.
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IncognitioMode rated it
April 21, 2023
Status: c11
Actually pretty decent. It is your standard hero fare of monsters, heroes, and villains in a modern setting, but the MC is the interesting part. As another reviewer said, dont trust the title, it is a half lie. He may have gained some clarity, but he is still a ruthless sociopath. To compare this to something else, imagine if Jekyll suddenly lost his dark persona, Hyde. His villain self was just the manifestation of his inner blood lust and desires. That him may be gone, but the tendencies are still... more>> there. Although, he can now keep them in check now to not be a mu*derous monster. That does not stop him from being brutal however with his ethics and methods skewed from being a psychopathic villain for so long. I look forward to see where this goes. <<less
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April 17, 2023
Status: c10
The setting one of those typical gates and awakening stories, but it's really more like My Hero Academia. So far the MC doesn't go into the gates, he's trying to stop the villains from harming people. This is a strange one. Don't believe the title, he didn't really regain his sanity, he's a still a sociopath. In the first life his awakening caused the foundation of his sanity to erode and he gained a second personality that's a complete psychopath. Going back in time seems to have erased that second... more>> personality and he's now back to being relatively sane and in control, but he still can't comprehend social norms. He's now trying to live a morally upright life, but since he has no idea what that means he follows the rules of other people around him that he trusts to be more moral.

The writing is effective. There's a vaguely disconnected feeling because we're seeing things from his point of view. I think it makes it really interesting to read, but others might find it a little disturbing how casual he is about things like permanently disabling people or his newfound black and white sense of justice. I am enjoying it so far. It's still early though, so who knows if it'll stay interesting. <<less
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LRance88 rated it
December 14, 2023
Status: c10
The protagonist has an entertaining personality. The premise of the novel is pretty cliche with the whole hunters awakening thing and gates appearing around the world. The reason for dropping this novel is because of the blatant nationalism. In the novel there are only 8 transcendient level hunters in the entire world and 4 of those 8 are from South Korea. Like seriously ? The world population is over 8 billion while the population in South Korea is 51, 784, 059. That means that South Korea's population is only 0.64%... more>> of the entire worlds population yet it has 50% of all transcendient level hunters. For me personally nationalism ruins novels so I simply dropped. <<less
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Rasselon rated it
June 5, 2024
Status: c46
The initial idea was a bit interesting, but the pace was lost too quickly. It feels like author has no idea where to lead story, but still continues, so the story naturally ends up nowhere. So, everything is a combination of action and slice of life, but without any commitment to either both of these aspects seem lacking.

In the end it's just too dull.
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Atix rated it
March 3, 2024
Status: c87
Typical story about a regressing Korean protagonist (with guilds and awakeners of various ranks) that wants to change his fate of being a crazy villain. To do so he decides to join the government and hunt villains.

The "twist" to this story is that I would treat it more as slice-of-life /comedy story about a Mad Dog protagonist and the people around him that are willing to use him but lose their hair when he does something outrageous.

Also, I don't know what LRance88 misunderstood with his Transcendant statistics, but there are... more>> around 200 hundred acknowledged Transcendants worldwide, and some other countries have more that 10. There really isn't too much nationalism, heck, a some story arcs tends to resolve around the outrageous amount of corruption in the country... <<less
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haanhaan rated it
November 17, 2023
Status: c65
The start was good, the idea was good, the world overview was good, but the delivery was kind of mid or a bit bland.

MC got crazy and unexpectedly regressed after dyeing the planet with blood as the result of his madness pursuit of power that annihilates entire humanity on Earth, after he regained his sanity *as mentioned in the title* and tried to live a normal life even with all the memories of his mad state, this is good and all as MC slowly have character developments, but I can't... more>> feel the thrill of the action or the urgency of anything, its feel more like slice-of-life with killing novel instead of action. As MC was already too OP from the start all he did just bash his enemies with ease, Although sometimes his enemies look badass or strong but is because MC did not give his all in the fight, if he did the enemies would just go in moments. <<less
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