Even Though She’s a Genius and Beautiful Childhood Friend, She Becomes Careless Only Around Me


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My childhood friend, Kamino Marimo, is a cheat-level genius and a reputed beauty.

However, for some reason, she transforms into a klutz with bizarre actions that are a hair’s breadth from genius only in front of me.

“Nihaha—, thank you, Kou-chan!”

Helping her from the shadows like that has become my daily routine.

To assist Marimo, who became the student council president in April, I also became the vice president due to our inseparable childhood friendship.

But one day, after I was confessed to by my junior, Saeki Karin, the distance between my childhood friend and me started to change.

Marimo desperately tries to stay perfect even in front of me.

“I want Kou-chan to be happy,” you say with tears… Why are you so full of openings only in front of me?

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Even Though My Childhood Friend Is a Genius and Beautiful Girl, She Is Only Attracted to Me When We Are Alone
Tensai bishoujo na osananajimi no kuse ni, nande ore no mae de dake sonnani Sukidarake nandayo
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