The Crazy Killer Whale’s Favourite Penguin


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Born as a penguin, I miraculously succeeded in humanizing.

The problem was that the magic tower lord who raised me hates demibeasts.

I ran away because I was afraid that my identity as a demibeast would be discovered…

Somehow, a self-proclaimed penguin lover discovered my identity.

The killer whale demibeast, Suradel.

He looked at me with a rough sweep of his hair. The glowing red eyes were darkening.

“Ha… Your crazy eyes, they’re the best.”

It’s not eyes, it’s just white fur.

“Can I touch your belly?”

Can you? When he said that he wanted to touch my precious belly, I got angry and pecked him with my beak…

Oddly enough, he had a somewhat overwhelmed expression on his face.

“Oh, my gosh. Did you just kiss me?”

…I think I got it wrong. I was caught by a madman, not a penguin lover.

The magic tower lord stared at Suradel with scorching eyes.

“Take it off, Suradel.”

In a tone similar to a command, Suradel’s eyes fluttered slightly.

“…I’m sorry, but my taste is a ferocious female penguin.”

—It’s not a human male like you.

At the small words he added, the magic tower lord’s eyes grew even harsher.

“So, are you hiding a runaway penguin in your clothes?”

Well. Had I known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have asked Suradel to hide me.

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The Crazy Killer Whale’s Favorite Penguin
미친 범고래의 애착 펭귄
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koco2018 rated it
December 9, 2022
Status: Completed
Adelia and Suradel. This might be a short review since it's been a while since I've completed the novel.

Adelia, the tower lord's pet penguin, had the soul of a woman from South Korea. She was reborn as a penguin, and grew up with typical adele penguin habits. Adelia was hatched from an egg by her father and she lived a warm life and fun life. Adelia proudly chased and scared mages in the tower, had a large collection of pretty stones, and she even fought the demi-human killer whale named... more>> Suradel that chased after her every day. She lived life fully, that was until she shifted into a demi-human.

In this world, animals can shift into human forms and work daily jobs, the humans that used to rule the world are becoming extinct and their few numbers made them suppressed by the demi-humans they used to ens*ave. Why did I tell you that? The tower lord, hates, demi-humans. Adelia just became the demi-human her father hates, and she knows it. So she runs and hides until she can become a penguin again.

She got as far as the alley on the street before she was kidnapped by traffickers and brought to a buyer. Suradel stepped into the carriage where Adelia was tied up and well, he recognized her to some extent since there was only one creature who faced him with no fear. This story is one of my favorites due to Suradel and Adelia's playfulness. I like the mean pranks that don't hurt others. Both of them are a cute level of evil haha. Here's an example:

Adelia, while in Suradel's home, went to the knight's training ground in the morning, where she saw Suradel bullying the knights. He made everyone run many laps around the area and said the last one to finish would have to kiss the captain. Needless to say, everyone ran for their lives. And the Captain? He was overseeing the training until Suradel looked him up and down with an evil smile saying "You too, you better get third place". And the captain took off like his ass was on fire lmfao.

Suradel's Identity


Suradel is an ancient dragon.

Are you surprised? You never thought the spoiler would deny Suradel as a killer whale did you?

To top it off, he is an ancient dragon. He's an old one that pulls pranks on his family's knights telling them to run fast because the last one to finish will kiss the captain. Lmao

Suradel is an ancient dragon who was put into hibernation inside a glacier by his parents in preparation for the world's extinction process that would wipe out most magical races.

When he woke up he found an adele penguin habitat nearby, and watched his favorite penguins with glee.

Suradel went out to explore the new world, and spent hundreds of years doing everything he could imagine. He built a kingdom and burned it down. He destroyed countries and fought heroes. Life became boring and meaningless when he had no one around. All races were instinctually terrified of his power, no one could stand as an equal. Suradel wanted to stop everything, he was tired.

Why was he alone? Why couldn't he just live with his parents and die in the extinction event with everyone else? Why is he all alone?

Suradel settle back in his nest and watched the adele penguins waddle around. He wanted to touch them, hug them, feel their belly, but he couldn't. He would terrify them.

Bella, the last killer whale, came in search of the cause of a huge beam of magical light (Suradel was just casually using summoning magic) and came across a lonely dragon in a penguin's territory.

Bella had just lost her child and ability to reproduce when she found a dragon like-a-child who lacked a parent's love. Being a killer whale, one of the kings of beasts, Bella rarely was afraid of others. She was instinctually afraid of Suradel but rationally she calmed herself. She knew he would attempt to die soon, so she asked him to live with her as her child. At least until the end of her life, and hopefully within that time frame he would find something to live for. Suradel was adopted by Bella.

Suradel took Bella's offer as a way to kill boredom before he could no longer stand it. While living as Bella's son, Suradel, who had the ability to polymorph, lived as a killer whale.


The novel world's secret


The world is like a white board.

A novel is drawn out and written, start to finish. Then erased.

The next novel starts on the ruins of the old novel. It's drawn out, start to finish. Then erased.

The next novel starts on the ruins of the previous novel. It's drawn out, start to finish. Then erased.

This repeats. Forever. There are history books of saints foretelling the stories of the future. Human extinction novels, magical race extinction novels, the world builds a beautiful story and burns it to write a new story.


You know, just don't read this spoiler if you are to read the novel. I'm Serious. I wrote this because I wanted to, but this information was a shocking one that warmed my heart and filled it to the brim. If you want to experience the novel in all it's greatness, do not read this. I've thought about deleting what I wrote here, but in my own selfishness, I want to come back to read this spoiler to reminisce about my favorite part of the novel and feel the rush of happiness from the memories.

So we already know Adelia's soul hails from south Korea right? Leaving that there.

Here's the penguin's secret.

The adele penguin egg, that the tower lord hatched, came from Suradel's pockets. Suradel is an ancient dragon who was put into hibernation by his parents in preparation for the world's extinction process that would wipe out most magical races.

He was encased in ice, along with an adele penguin egg. The egg absorbed Suradel's magic after hibernating with him for centuries. Suradel never thought much of the egg.

After spending hundreds of years doing everything he could imagine and having no one to share experiences with because all races were instinctually terrified of his power. Suradel wanted to stop, he was fed up, why was he alone? Why couldn't he just live with his parents and die in the extinction event with everyone else? Why is he all alone?

Suradel thought that if he took a soul from another dimension, that being would not be afraid of him and would live by his side. So he cast strong magic to summon someone from another world. And no one came. He looked everywhere. No one came, the magic failed. Suradel is tired.

Wasting his days watching the cute adele penguins waddle, fight, make stone nests, and playing around. Suradel really loves watching penguins, but he could never get close for fear he will scare them off.

Suradel hears a rumor that the tower lord is searching for ancient eggs to try hatching them, Suradel takes the adele penguin egg from his nest and gives it to the tower lord. The hatching succeeds, and Adelia is born.

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Ying Yue
Ying Yue rated it
January 19, 2023
Status: c15
Found this gem by pure coincidence and I am so glad I did! It's such a cute story!

The ML has a very refreshing personality as well. The FL on the other hand is hilarious and cute! Love the two leads, the translator does a very good on translating this story as well and it's easy to read.

Highly recommend it!!!
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Midnight_Dreamscape rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: Completed
Read this pretty quickly, got what I expected

While the story is very cliche, it does have some good points that I appreciate. These were-people, shapeshifter or Suin stories usually start from childhood, but this one started right after she ran from home. This resulted in the romance being a bit more natural and seem more developed as it was more of a focus than the actual transmigration and learning how to get used to life there. In stories such as "The Youngest Daughter of the Snake Family" and "The Beloved... more>> New Daughter-In-Law of the Wolf Mansion", I always felt the romance felt soo rushed at the end. Like 80% is childhood, and adulthood is just shoved into the remaining 20%. A lot of this story was the MC & ML getting to know each other in a romantic way, or becoming more romantically inclined.

While quite a few characters introduced had fun personalities and relationships, there was not a lot of exploration. MC & ML are the clear focus of the story, if there was anything happening to the others, it was seems through the MC or Ml's eyes. There are no political fights, meaningful events in society that had much detail etc. The story had basically no stakes. There are I don't think there were any real villains, and the main characters are super OP. When the 2nd ML (he never had a chance) was introduced, he barely did anything or his actions barely had an effect. Near the end, they treat


summoning a high level demon

like a simple everyday occurrence. They even have it happen, like, ~3 times within 5 chapters?

Near the ending, stuff just feels more and more rushed. Like the author wanted to stuff in just one more plot point. Though, this may have just been the writing style. They really aren't specific in many aspects, like clothing, building structure or something related to the time period. It felt like mostly dialogue and statements of what they did over a few days. Very surface level stuff, I kinda wish there was more in the story. I don't think MC learned how to read in the 3 weeks she turned into a human and we don't really know what she does in her free time in terms of hobbies, other than liking shiny stones.

This is a good book to just pass the time and not get attached to anyone. <<less
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YourKiller rated it
October 14, 2023
Status: --
It's amazingly unique


... more>>

She has the BEST personality. She is honest and says things straight to their face. AND! She's a penguin that loves stone. Whether literal pebbles or shined gems, she loves them. She learns from reading novels and knows where and when cliches can and will happen. She's like: we need a doctor, it's great if he's talented, but it's better if he's known as eccentric or a lunatic, you know, because it's like that in every novel. As well as avoiding death flags like "I'll tell you everything when it's over".

+ Anger management issues

+ Vain

+ 🦆ing adorable

Cute moments (adding more as I read) :
- Ch 50: FL feeds ML the burnt part of her chicken skewer and he bits her finger instead (ofc on purpose)




He is called crazy but he's just a funny guy. It's difficult to hate him. And unlike most stories where the ML's are constantly denying their feeling towards the FL, he realises really early and instantly tells her he loves her. She didn't care tho.




Best boi. Is a big pushover but will shove his sister in a sack if needed. He's Iprus's older twin brother and they act like normal siblings.




Best gril. Acts like the bigger sister and is violent.

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micizzle rated it
September 13, 2023
Status: v1c91
This is such a fun story. This baby’s got it all:

  • Heartwarming family dynamics
  • Confident, straightforward MC
  • A hint of meta humor
  • Original plot WHO
  • Blushy ML
  • Interesting characters
  • Great TL
This story is a rare treat and you should especially give it a try if you read childcare stories in agony waiting for the characters to age up like I do lol
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TakoyakiTuesday rated it
August 4, 2023
Status: c10
So far, I'm not impressed.

-translation is good.

-the plot seems very simple: Adelia the penguin needs to avoid being caught in her penguin form, and she wants to return to her "father" who is demiphobic. This is what I've gathered up to where I've read, and according to other reviews this is basically it.

... more>> -the only pros I liked are the MC and ML's personalities and interaction, but even then I skipped through most of their chats and even more so side characters' dialogues which brings me to my biggest gripe:

-too much tell not show. The dialogue goes on and on and sometimes a lot of times doesn't even flow well leaving me confused on what's actually being said. I'm interested to know what the plot has to offer, but reading dialogue through dialogue made me want to skip to the end. I assume that this writing style will stay this way until the end.

-overall I was excited the first few chapters then my hopes rapidly declined as the story lingers, trying to build the relationships between characters. Basically, good planning but poor execution. Could just be me being too picky though.

-even so, you can give this a try! I can see myself liking this during a particular mood, so I understand why others may like it more than I do. If you don't mind the lack of a detailed plot and just want sth simple, maybe this is for you.

-maybe I'll give this another try in the future. <<less
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Bluebells in Bloom
Bluebells in Bloom rated it
September 6, 2023
Status: Completed
Hiiiii, Translator Ame here, done with what might be my easiest and lightest novel yet! The beautiful illustrations are a total bonus~

This novel never fails to put a smile on my face. Our FL, Adelia (aka, Lia), is headstrong, kind but not a pushover, and owns a cute sense of humour. Our ML, Suradel (aka, Su), is ever the support and flirty and cool... until he is flustered by Lia ^^ There is no shortage of fluff and heart pounding scenes in this novel, that's for sure! Blushy ML, woohoo!... more>> The supporting cast is all very fun, each with distinct personalities! I don't think I can describe this novel/character dynamics better than koco2018 and midnight_dreamscape did, go check out their review <3

I will add though, that I wish things didn't go the way it did for Theodore, the 2nd ML. Maybe I'm just a simp for handsome black-haired men, but I think the story didn't really need a villain. Isn't the reveal of the secrets of the world a big enough climax? There isn't a villain for 100 episodes, why cram it in the last 26? While Theodore's blackening was written well (which made my stomach churn and heart drop), the "climax" and "how the villain is settled" was a little rushed. The light and fun tone of the story became dry and dreary. I would much rather have those episodes be filled with the "adventures of a penguin with her friends".

There are so many ships in this novel, I need side stories for them all!!!! I also wouldn't mind a side story of a heist, where Penguin Lia drags her buddies/minions along to steal an ultra-rare shiny jewel. Author, please contact me, I have enough ideas for at least 30 episodes... <<less
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Resplendor rated it
June 16, 2023
Status: c66
The MC is such a treat.

In any other setting, you'd call her a villainess. Her absolute confidence that she can do whatever she wants, despite being a smol penguin, is addictive.

Luckily, her goals are benign. Save her dad and acquire a hoard of rocks and minions. Everything else, from romance to revenge is just bonuses.

It's well written and well translated.
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