The Cooking Wizard


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Yoojeong, a tattoo artist who loves gourmet food, was enjoying grilled pork belly after a hard day’s work when she suddenly realized her delayed appointment with a client and hurriedly headed to the shop. However, on the way, she got into an accident and lost consciousness. When she woke up, she found herself in the middle of a dense forest, and even her appearance had changed!

It turned out that she had been reincarnated as Sylvia, a character from the novel she used to read. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, Yoojeong’s tattooing skills mysteriously manifested as magic. However, the original protagonist of the novel suffered from an eating disorder due to the abuse from his stepmother and was destined to bring tragedy to the continent.

Determined to enjoy even more delicious food and make cooking easier, Sylvia started inscribing magical runes on her body. Through these newly acquired runes at her fingertips, Sylvia brought a fresh breeze to the continent, where magical beings were vying for power!

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Cooking Sorcerer
요리하는 마법사
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1 Review

Jul 12, 2023
Status: Completed
It's a good story, I love Slyvia's interaction with the fairies and ml.

It's a little fast paced at the end, but that's okay, as the story is more focused on the romance of the leads and their current life, than that of the world around them.

So it can feel rushed if you didn't remember all the build up (?) of the current world events, no worries thou, it still is a good story.

I like the story and it satisfied my itch for a sweet romance.
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