The Collected Records of the Mysteries – Solving Riddles With the Help of Demons


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A University student, Shouma Hanashima, unexpectedly came to be able to see strange apparitions. As this new obstacle shows up and Shouma becomes unable to attend lectures and work at his part-time job, he visits a suspicious detective agency with an inscription on its front, which says ‘Mysterious phenomenons? I will help you with anything’.

The head of the office is Tendou, a good looking man with a somewhat dubious impression.

Shouma gets an offer from Tendou, who explains that the true identity of these strange phenomenons are called the ‘kaii’ and that he could make a protection charm for Shouma, along with an invitation from the man to work and assist him.

It seems Tendou wants to find and put back the yokai into a book they accidentally escaped from, which he calls ‘The Collected Records’.

Together with Tendou and his collected yokai, Shouma gets dragged into strange incidents.

Associated Names
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Kaii Shuushuuroku - Nazotoki wa Ayakashi to tomoni
怪異収集録 謎解きはあやかしとともに
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