The Chronicles of the Inferior Species: Can Guns and Gears Overcome Swords and Magic?


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It’s very difficult to establish a modern nation in a fantasy world.

In a world dominated by elves who control the sky with wyverns and centaurs who race across the land, where sword and magic reign, those who crawl on the ground and move slowly, like humans and demi-humans, are treated as inferior species. One day, Liam, the protagonist, witnesses his village being attacked. In despair, that night, memories from his past life as a military educational officer resurface.

His sense of justice and knowledge are greatly refined. He is determined to bring science and peace to this world, to bring justice and order, and to eradicate tyranny, oppression, and narrow-mindedness, constructing a society where all races can coexist and prosper.

Liam endeavors to bring about change in this world using his knowledge of science and military tactics. However, his actions inadvertently create enemies everywhere. He struggles to survive and build the ideal nation he envisions.

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Rettō-shu no Kenkoku-roku ~ Jūken to Haguruma wa, Ken to Mahō o Datō Shieru ka?
The Chronicles of the Inferior Species: Can Guns and Gears Overcome Swords and Magic?
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