The Chronicles of a Man Who Aspired to Be an Unparalleled Character with Hidden Weapons – The Explorer Who Conceals His Power Becomes the Strongest When He Wields a Sword


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“Isn’t there a longing for those who hide their true strength?”
One day, dungeons appeared in the world.

People, seeking dreams and romance, head to the dungeons again today.

This story is set in modern Japan, where such dungeons have emerged.

It’s the tale of a protagonist who hides his true power and unleashes it only at crucial moments, inspired by characters who do the same.

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KureoZen rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c159
A surprisingly good read. I end up MTL my way to the end and definitely worth the effort.

When you think about MC that hide their power. You would think it would be some kind of annoying story, right? This one is not. This MC is competent. He only hide his power for his own chuunibyou reason. But if the moment come for it he won't just turn blind eyes and won't afraid to show his power to help other. He also won't hesitate to use the absolute measure against the... more>> bad people. He's definitely not a dense and naive type of MC. But also not an edge lord type as well. A good balance for the character

In the romance aspect. He's also not the denser than blackhole type MC too. What's more is he not allergic to night activity either.

If there would be some critic from me. It would be the conflict in this story kinda end too easily but well, it's more of a light heart story lol <<less
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Dante7555 rated it
February 5, 2024
Status: --
I read ahead with MTL and it became very boring. To be fair I went in expecting more fantasy/dungeon related scenarios. I instead get a bunch of slow, boring, normal ass highschool romance comedy between the MC and female lead.

It's always about them, their friends, their family, the powers are never revealed in detail. When I read that he swung the "unparallel blade" at the female lead during their duel, which was supposed to be a sword that can cut everything including concepts, and she only "got blown away" I... more>> was already expecting a mediocre fantasy setting. But somehow the second element is also equally mediocre.

At first I thought it was a welcome change that the MC was competent and solved issues quickly and cleanly but instead of having realistic consequences for his actions, nothing f*cking happens, nothing at all, maybe if the romance and slice of life content was more interesting I wouldn't have cared but it's so boring. It's not even average quality for a romance comedy because there are almost no conflict whatsoever. Everyone likes each other, nothing remotely inconvenient ever happens to the MC and everyone he knows.

There's no overall goals to the story, maybe if we knew how many floors the dungeon have or if it has any floors at all or if there's more than 1 dungeon. F*cking god just thinking about it makes me mad at how much time I wasted on reading this shit. He doesn't even f*cking hide his powers anymore, hell he's arguably more powerful with his second weapon now what's even the point of "concealing power" when you're viewed as powerful anyways, it's like he's using 50% of his power but all the A ranks are also at 50% of his powers and the S ranks are at like 75%, and even just saying this makes me mad because there's no f*cking measurement for A or S. The female lead's mom is A rank but apparently she's very powerful? Enough to make our MC who beat the female lead (S rank) worried, like what?

Either way if you're reading it for fantasy dungeon stop now and save your brain cells. If you're reading it for romantic comedy? I hope you like it bland and boring.

1/10 I was bamboozled into reading raws by the positive review. <<less
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