The Case of a Childhood Friend Who I Thought Was a Boy and Came Back as a Princess


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The most beautiful girl in the school moved into the room next door.

The main character “Iida Sora” had a childhood friend “Ayato” whom he used to play with in his childhood.

They were good friends, but after the move, they became separated.

The memories of their childhood fade away, and Sora eventually forgets about Ayato as well.

One day, he came home from school to find that his mother’s acquaintance had moved in next door.

The girl who comes to greet him is, to all intents and purposes, a perfect princess.

As they engage in various exchanges, Sora suddenly sees the beautiful girl in front of him overlap in his memory.

“Could it be Ayato?”

His childhood friend Ayato, whom he thought was a man, has returned as “Ayato Saara,” the most beautiful princess in the school.

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