The Case of a Childhood Friend That I Haven’t Talked to in a Long Time is a Pushover


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Even childhood friends who used to be close will inevitably grow apart over time.

It is not strange to see a childhood friend who is becoming more beautiful the closer she gets to adulthood, and to feel downhearted about whether it is okay for me to be by her side.

This is the story of a girl and me who, through a chance encounter, came closer to each other again.

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Hisashiburi ni Hanashi o Shita Osananajimi ga Guigui kuru kudan
The Case of a Childhood Friend I Haven't Talked to in a Long Time Coming on To Me
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1 Review

Mar 24, 2023
Status: Completed
A short and sweet read, but nothing all that outstanding either. Overall, really average in both characters and plot. If there’s one thing that I particularly like, it’s how the ML and FL were so straightforward, not embarrassed with one another and bold in taking further steps in their relationship. Moreover, glad that there was little to no drama.

If you have the time I’d suggest reading this. Takes no more than an hour or two to finish.
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