The Carnivorous Heroine is Aiming for My Fiancé, The Hidden Capture Target


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Apparently, I was reincarnated into the world of an R-18 otome game with a reverse harem ending. My fiancé is the villain of the game, and the hidden capture target that opens after the reverse harem route has been cleared. Right now, the carnivorous heroine is in the middle of eating up (and messing with) the capture targets. It’s only a matter of time before the hidden route opens, and when it does, I’ll be poisoned by my fiancé. I absolutely hate pain and suffering, so I’ll ask my beloved fiancé to break off the engagement first.

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09/24/22 Nani Mo Wakaranai Kedo oneshot
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FreyjaVanadis rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: Completed
Okay first, I meant to rate this 5 instead of 4 after I had thought about it, but it won't let me edit that. I'll be honest - this one was kinda dumb where the author was trying to be clever. The MC doesn't seem to do anything to try and avert her fate once she regains her memories, which is annoying. The author is also trying to do "show don't tell" on some important aspects of the story and it falls really flat - MC clears up the cheating... more>> misunderstanding but if you blink you miss it, and same for the explanation of what the "poison" is and the reasoning behind it.

MC is a SUPER in love with Alexei, and he is aware of this. Tiara gets so worked up around Alex that she can't breathe and sends herself into something like a panic attack. The "poison" is actually a tranquilizer he made to allow her to relax and be able to have s*x without working herself into a frenzy - hence the addition of something to prevent heart attacks, Alex waiting until it took effect to even kiss her, constantly reminding her to breathe, etc. Alex is actually one of the better ML's on consent - he is constantly checking in with Tiara, asking before he does anything to her, telling her what he's going to be doing and why. He's actually really sweet, and Alex's behavior later makes it clear that is is just as in love with Tiara as she is with him. I don't think he ever bought the story of Tiara cheating on him in the first place since it seems like he knows her very well and also realizes she does some dumb things because of her obsession with him, although there are a few lines right at the end that make me wonder if TIARA is actually the one who's the (scary) yandere -

"I couldn’t possibly turn Alex into a mu*derer.

Although, of course, even if the worst were to happen, I’d make sure that it wouldn’t be traced back to him—

—Because it was Alex.

However, my grandmother and mother advised me not to do anything rash."

- to me, this indicates that at some point Tiara HAS "done something rash" and possibly eliminated a rival in a very.... terminal way or similar. That is another frustrating example of where the author tried to be subtle and because the rest of the work is so obvious it gets glossed over and missed. UUUGGGGGHHHHH


I LOVED the interaction between Heroine-chan and Tiara at the end - I think the second installation of this is going to be BRILLIANT. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Mediocre smut with weird premise where I think for once dub-con is a good way to describe it.

... more>>

MC doesn't want to die too horribly, meekly drinks, what she think is poison but was aphrodisiac, basically drugged up and pushed down.

She didn't dislike it, was more or less delirious and drunk in 'this is better than dying and feels rather pleasant cause duh, I'm drugged up with h**ny juice' mood.

As to whether she's later on pacifying a scary yandere by submitting to him (possibly Stockholm syndrome) or actually love him, we will never know, but it annoyed me to no end she never clarified that she never cheated on him.


Translator mentioned a sequel featuring the carnivorous heroine-chan. There was a short glimpse of her smut scene and that was way more promising than this 'I'll be just laying here' MC, so I'm looking forward to that. <<less
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xiyhan rated it
October 12, 2023
Status: Completed
Mediocre smut. Dumb FL (bruh, you know you're reincarnated so how tf are you still making the same dumb choices ugh)

On the other hand, let's see the sequel (if it's disappointing as this one)
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shugu8rena rated it
September 29, 2022
Status: --
Just how dumb is she. I was frustrated reading her thoughts and her lack of action about annulment etc. Lol this is one shot but I couldn't even finish it.. 😅
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chande rated it
September 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Well, don't expect much in this kind of oneshot because the plot was so generic even the sm*t and the minor plot twist in the end couldn't really make this story more interesting. But it's still okay to pass the time since it's only a oneshot after all so it would be quick to read.
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