The Carnivorous Heroine is Eaten by a Serious Virgin and Doted On


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This is the world of the R-18 otome game, The Fleeting Love Between You and Me, which has a reverse harem ending. However, since it was too long, I’ll shorten it to Fleeting Love.

Not only was I reincarnated into the world of Fleeting Love, I was also the heroine of the first season. By the way, my best friend’s fiancé–Alexei, was a capture target for both the first and the second season. After the second heroine has established a reverse harem, the hidden route of the psychopathic virg*n-eater would be unlocked.

In such a world, the innocent second heroine was in the middle of devouring and messing up her capture targets while keeping her v**ginity intact.

With my best friend, who cried because she feared the reverse harem formation, I watched the second heroine’s capture strategy, and peeked at her erot*c scenes to collect real live CGs.

…However, I soon found myself being snatched by Serious-kun, the helper character of the first season, who was also the capture target in the second season. Keep in mind, during the first season, he offered me no help whatsoever.

Since the first season is over, please go bother the second heroine instead of me…

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astropia rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
Obviously the story was light, but it was cute. The concept of multiple otome heroines peacefully coexisting, each with their own reverse harem, is fun. There isn't enough depth to support a full story, but I wish it showed a little more character backstory/development. Why does Serious-kun like FL and when did he fall for her? Why does he have the agency to break the game's storyline when the other guys don't? Who the heck knows??? But I mean the smut is the main attraction and it's written and translated... more>> well. So it's enjoyable overall. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
FreyjaVanadis rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: Completed
You read this series for the smut, not the plot. I'm kinda amused that as the series goes on, all the "heroines" who are in the story are all isekai'd and it's turning into a gathering of ladies who have played the games and are enjoying getting laid and collecting "pictures" - that part is HILARIOUS.
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Asphyxia778 rated it
December 21, 2023
Status: Completed
I actually like the concept of multiple heroines existing who've all reincarnated and are enjoying fooling around with the capture characters and collecting cg pics.

Overall quick read for fun
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
chande rated it
April 7, 2023
Status: Completed
What could be more fun than transmigrating into an otome game with your best friend and peeking the heroine "having fun" with some guy? Well, while I felt that peeking someone "having fun" was bad, I would still admit that the premise of this story was quite interesting and different compare to other otome game story. Too bad though, considering that sm*t was highlight of this story, the sm*t itself was just so so for me.
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