The Bootlicking Antagonist Only Wants to Survive, but the Female Lead Refuses to Follow the Usual Plot


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One car accident, and I’m transported into a city power fantasy as the villain. As long as I survive until the grand finale, I can return to the real world with hefty rewards. But! These stunning beauties don’t go to serve as the protagonist’s harem, they surround me every day. Are they not satisfied with how slowly I’m dying? Stop wearing stockings, stop wearing uniforms, what’s with all of you trying to seduce me? Go find Long Aotian! Since destiny is in my hands, I might as well challenge the protagonist directly! Who’s the protagonist, damn it, who knows!

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Sirusblue rated it
March 5, 2024
Status: c100
Read ahead in raws. This IMO deserve five star but due some annoyance I decided to bring it down to 4.5. Let's start with the beginning:

Premise: the story is about the MC, a poor food delivery guy who get abducted from our world to the world of urban chinese novels. He is tasked to survive as the novel villain until the end of the novel and in return he will be rewarded with real world wealth once he return to his own world. The MC who has a sick mother... more>> at home, motivated to get the clearance reward to cure his sick mother and this motivation stick through even in all the happening in the story. At the beginning of the novel, the MC already travelled to six different novel worlds and died in his first day in most of the worlds (third day at his sixth). The story opened when he arrives at seventh world. The MC who already get the gist of how the novel world works immediately get to working in his survival.


-The MC is very aggressive person who get everything done and doesn't left any misunderstanding stand (advocate of communication).

-The plot is entartaining as it doesn't really follow template story.

-The main cast all have compelling characterization.

-The dynamic between characters is really fun to follow.

-It doesn't have peanut gallery that bog down the chapters.


-Some of the heroines can get really annoying (Xu xuejiao, I'm looking at you).

-The author is really h**ny with his characters description which is my main complain as it get really annoying and drag down the story much.

-The humor can fell flat and old. <<less
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bozakir rated it
March 17, 2024
Status: c138
This is the dogblood nonsensical chinese villain novel I was looking for. It's cliche but also not cliche, it's dumb but also not dumb. MC is inconsistently consistent or consistently inconsistent. You can't guess if author is trolling the MC or trolling you or trolling both at the same time. Which is great. And Xu Xuejiao I hate that devil goblin of a girl but I also can't help but love how ruthless she is. That said I am probably scoring this high because this type of novel is my... more>> jam.

Before you jump in know this (Because I know this is a make or break point for most people.) He does occasional ruthless things but MC is a softie. He is a nice person. He tries to be merciless but can't help but empathize with people. (I don't know if that changes afterwards, it may as well considering it's 700+ chapters). So far this is not the type of novel where MC becomes immediately op after sleeping with heroines and starts domineering og protagonist. He survives through advanced bullshittery and luck. <<less
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