The Birth of the 9th Circle Wizard


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Jung Soon-won, one of Korea’s top combat wizards in 2030. After waiting for his death after losing the battle against the Queen of Flames, he turned back time due to a gift from the Fairy King. But 30 years? 30 years? He has to start again in the second year of middle school!

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9서클 마법사의 탄생
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tired_abyss rated it
March 27, 2021
Status: c31
Ahhhhhh, a new favourite for me.

10/10 for plot potential and 9/10 for keeping a reader's attention. 9/10 for the mostly consistent world building, but some unexplained basic functions of terms mentioned in the story as well as not very covered world history. I'd give it a 9/10 in writing, the formatting and placement of certain words was well done. Translation is also a 10/10 for managing to keep the essence of the story as much as possible. 9/10 for depth of characters, although I am slightly displeased by the few... more>> cliches present throughout the story but it feels very thought out. Overall, a 9/10 for this story.

Also, if you'd like my personal opinion on this, OP MCs are cool, and this boi kinda acts like Scammer Cale sometimes, although more like a dumber, slightly more unrealistic vesion of Cale. 10/10 from my inner, illogical, self. <<less
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cielle unnie
cielle unnie rated it
May 26, 2021
Status: c27

11/10 for the plot. It's srysly nice how he still studies, exercises, and grinds his skills unlike other novel MCs that had it easy. And I like the fact that there's no harem ♪ヽ (・ˇ∀ˇ・ゞ)

there's some unexplained parts, like how he specifically got his system and the nobles but eyy, it's not really that important, just sad for those who's veeerrryyyyy curious about it.

Anyhows~~ it's a must to read for you action non-harem fans 〜 (꒪꒳꒪) 〜

well, there's the usual cliches but overall, it's good
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fantasy rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c12
It's not bad, but not good either. There's nothing new, you'll find a lot of cliches instead. The MC is transported back 30 years in the past. He wants to act covert but doesn't do so. The setting is your typical current world, but with superpower (magic in this case). The characters feel very bland. You even have an arrogant young master, who of course wants beef with the MC for no reason. Naturally, there's also an exceptionally talented, beautiful female lead, who after being saved by the MC goes... more>> to great lengths to repay him. Surely she would transfer to the same school and the same class as our MC, why not? I suppose it's nice to read if you have nothing better to do. Dropping it at chapter 12 might be a bit too early, but at this point I feel like I'm wasting my time with this novel. <<less
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