The Beautiful Cannon Fodder Only Wants to Chase the Cold and Aloof Academic God


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Shen Mu transmigrated into a book. After an unexpected car accident, he found himself in a dog-blood-level tr*shy novel called “The Husband’s 99 Escapes.”

System: “You need to become a cannon fodder and fulfill the plot.”

Shen Mu: “Become a brainless lover? I refuse.”

System: “Then you will die.”

Shen Mu: “Fine, as long as you don’t regret it.”

After a long time, the system came back to check on Shen Mu’s progress. It saw a messy task list, a chaotic plot, and Shen Mu standing side by side with the antagonist in a sweet embrace.

“Shen Mu, what have you done?”

“Older seme, I’m here to support you~”

Shen Mu encountered someone he fell in love with at first sight. He went through “countless hardships” to finally chase after that person, thinking it was genuine affection and a chance for true love. However, he discovered that everything had been planned meticulously from the beginning.

“Shen Mu, you are destined to be mine.”

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Jan 18, 2024
Status: c20
Thank you very much for the translation!

I didn't really like the novel, BUT I think it should be given a try if you want a quick to read, brainless read with a silly plot. You should be okay with somewhat childish (but easy to read) writing if you decide to start this.
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