The Beast Tamer Exiled From the Hero’s Party and the Cat Eared Girl From the Strongest Race Meet


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Beast Tamer Rein, who uses animals, has fought as a party of heroes. However, Rein, who has no other merits, gradually becomes unable to keep up with the battle. “You’re nothing but useless to use animals. You’re fired.” Finally, Rein is banished from the party. From now on, let’s live freely regardless of saving the world. Rein decides to become an adventurer, but at that time, he meets his destiny. On the other hand, the brave party was unaware. Until now, it was Rein who was able to fight the Demon King’s army .

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Yuusha Party wo Tsuihou sareta Beast Tamer, Saikyoushu no Nekomimi Shoujo to Deau
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2 Reviews

Aug 20, 2021
Status: c400
Another slightly 'slice of life' paced OP protag fantasy adventure- with '+1 adds' harem mechanic thrown in. I read ahead via google translate (about 400 chapters so far), so I have a fair idea of 'what's in store'.


  • Characters are all distinct and have personalities. Though they are mostly cliches, it mostly works
  • MC is half 'not complete idiot' and can think (a bit) intelligently.
  • World building has a few minor changes from the norm, which is interesting. Unfortunately, nothing is really pursued- it's just convenient 'on demand' info.
The BAD:

  • Harem adds are convenient nonsense. 'I love you because you saved me' is not a real thing (at least not to this degree).
  • Other half of MC is 'dense' and is only there to (by formula) not notice the feelings of those around him, and later put off properly responding (because 'formula'). This is also in direct defiance to his sensibilities (sensitive, perceptive, kind) at all other times.

    Not going to go too much into how he seemingly isn't really attracted to anyone- then he is (kinda- for the person who tried to earnestly kill him) but still feels 'Gee... I need some time...'. Just standard harem s*upid I guess. In the context of 'this story has an intelligent protag', though- it's almost a slap in the face...

  • Major villains are all plot puppets with broken-level skewed motivations/convenient lack of conscience/awareness.

    Standard OP threat- unlimited power, unlimited knowledge of devices/forgotten locations, races/party whereabouts/activities- etc. Author 'breaks logic' quite a bit to 'pop up challenge' an already entrenched villain response for the hero. This is probably the worst aspect of the story, and luckily it only gets so bad. (Except Reese- he's ridiculous. Bordering on omniscient, with planning and reach to change the state of the kingdom- why hasn't he 'won' yet? Oh- right 'the demon king would be mad' is the reason. The author actually wrote in that the demons have to 'behave' while the Demon King sleeps or whatever. Actually. Monica is ridiculous too. More 'I love him because he saved me' nonsense to a different extreme.) Not even going to get into the Human King side incompetence because it's a long list. This is why 'make it up as you go along' is not the best method for balanced, logical writing...

  • Serious imbalance in the war- it should be over by all evidence.

    King/nation/adventurer's guild all do practically nothing vs national threat (just so MC can handle it).

  • Actually, the whole 'War vs demons' thing is pretty flimsily explained. There is also little evidence of the ongoing dynamic other than the things that the MC is involved in.
  • A whole lot about the MC's backstory is left spotty/unexplored. "Here's an important tidbit we'll immediately ignore for a bit..." happens a bit too often. The MC finds out about his bloodline, and pretty much ignores all implications and potential implied.
The Different:

  • Somewhat intelligent, kind protagonist shouldn't be different- but I guess (nowadays with so many amoral/asocial protags) it qualifies. Not much else, otherwise. Effort to make 'intelligent problem solving' work is appreciated- so I guess 'that' to a degree.
Overall, it's a around average for a 'slice of life' paced fantasy adventure. 'A bit above' on some points as the writer is good at certain things, while the 'I'll do this standard nonsense' keeps it from being really exceptional. If can ignore/enjoy the harem and the ridiculous imbalance of the villains, this isn't a bad time killer.
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Aug 13, 2021
Status: --
I really liked the manga so I decided to add this series on NU. Glad to see that it has been picked up and the translations are pretty good. I thank Valhalla TLs for picking up this novel. The Male lead is a decent guy who is a little low on self confidence thanks to his douchebag previous party members who

... more>>

Acted as if they were doing him a favor by inviting him into their party after realizing that his abilities are out of the norm


The story is pretty well paced and the male lead finally realizes that he is not inferior to the Hero party.

The hero is a piece of sh*t though, he can't get over the fact that he got his ass beat by the MC.

So, if you like slice of life, MC with a good personality, kind love interests, HAREM, etc. Then this novel is for you <<less
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