The Backyard of My Parents’ House Was Connected to Another World. It Was a World Where I Could Buy Anything With Money, so the First Thing I Should Do Is Buy a S*ave and Teach Them Erotic Things!


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I, Souta Sugiyama, was told by my parents to get married early, but my parents passed away when I turned 30, as a virg*n and NEET, far from having a lover.

I was enjoying my NEET life in Tokyo with my parents’ money, but had no choice but to return to my parents’ house in the countryside.

After returning to my parent’s home for the first time in 10 years, for some reasons the backyard was found to be connected to a fantasy world where if I had money anything could be bought and sold including levels, skills, and even s*aves.

Things purchased cheaply in Japan sell for a very high price in another world, and things picked up in another world would sell for a high price in Japan.

What? Mastering alchemy? For now the goal is to buy a s*x s*ave and graduate from v**ginity.

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Auros rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: --
So reading some raw chapters MC seems to have a skill called [Alter Ego] that he uses to become 2 people or something like that, dunno if it has his own conscience or if they even share what they feel (the body copies what MC does), anyway, kinda a no for me as I don't enjoy seeing his "doppelganger" self do the girls.

And in the last chapters...


it seems he let's his girls (?) give handj*bs or being p*netrated by some elves with smol pps.


Yeah, not my thing... sharing, yikes.
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