The Archduke’s Gorgeous Wedding Was a Fraud


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When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a wooden box to be sold at auction as a s*ave.

It was good that the original male lead showed up like a comet and rescued me.

But this man is suddenly asking me to marry him out of nowhere.

“Become my wife and give me the most glamorous show in this empire. If I marry you, no one would dare to think of coming by my side anymore.”

“What about the pay?”

“I’ll give you 10 billion.”

What the F…c….k? Welcome, my dear customer!

I was willing to defeat all of his fans and enjoy the rest of my life as a crazy bit*h in this area-

“I can’t think of my life without you anymore.”

Somehow I won’t be able to keep the male lead who will likely be taken from me.

Will the wicked acts of a villainess bring money, power, honor, or even love?

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그 대공의 화려한 결혼은 사기
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