The All-Knowing Cultivator


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Yang Daoxuan crossed over and gained the ability to see hidden information in all things.

[“This dark soil is the soil of the netherworld, containing the power of the yellow springs.”] [“The pills he gives you are actually gu insects. Once you take them, you will be under his control.”] [He smiles at you, but a sneer hangs over his head, clearly displeased with you.] [She is a reincarnation of a heavenly immortal, with three strands of auspicious golden flowers above her head. Forming a Daoist bond with her will bring you immense benefits.] [He wants to possess your body, but don’t worry. In the immortal cultivation world, there is the fourth iron rule of possession. Each person can only be possessed once in their lifetime. As a transmigrator, if he possesses you, his death is certain. Are you ready to pick up the gold coins?] …

Navigating fortune and avoiding calamity, omniscient and omnipotent.

With the information he perceives, Yang Daoxuan step by step ascends to the peak of the immortal path.

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Omniscient Cultivator
Omniscient Immortal Cultivator
The All-Knowing Cultivator
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