The Abandoned Heiress Gets Rich with Alchemy and Buys an Enemy General


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Chloe Seigrit claims to be an unparalleled alchemist. Three years ago, her father, Duke Seigrit, was exposed for his misdeeds by her half-sister. As a result, her father was executed, Chloe’s engagement was canceled, and she was stripped of her status before being abandoned in the capital with nothing but clothes.

With trust only in money, Chloe used her remaining wealth to purchase a man from the s*ave arena. His name is Julius Craft, a former general from an enemy nation who was once feared as the Black Prince for his cruelty. So she can more efficiently gather materials for alchemy.

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New ohmy8 rated it
April 23, 2024
Status: v1c30
The story is pretty fun, it’s nothing super exciting or unique but I like the direction it’s going in with both MC having their background stories revealed little by little.
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