The Abandoned Duchess Seems to Want a Peaceful Life


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“I have something to tell you. I don’t intend to love you as my wife,” Alexis declared to Melfina shortly after their wedding ceremony.

Melfina seizes the poor undeveloped land from Alexis and leaves the ducal residence. The only companions left with her are Cedric, the knight assigned by Alexis to watch her actions, and the quiet personal attendant, Marie.

Regaining memories from her previous life just before the wedding, Melfina realizes that this is the world of the so-called “Maria in the Kingdom of Hearts,” which is ridiculed as a trivia-based otome game in her previous life. Furthermore, she discovers that she is the villainess of the Alexis route, Melfina von Orland.

With a strained relationship with her family and being told by her husband that he has no intention of loving her as his wife or having a child with her, Melfina becomes disillusioned with everything.

As a result, she no longer cares about her family or her husband! She refuses to become a villainess and be sent to a convent for the sake of such a man!

Having endured a difficult upbringing and now facing an unhappy marriage, Melfina makes up her mind to find happiness on her own, regardless of her family or husband.

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4 Reviews

New Goobers
Jul 18, 2024
Status: c12
I agree with another reviewer that the story is mostly well written... I can’t say well written because I dislike the writer repeating information.

If it was a small reminder, it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s repeated as if you never knew in the first place.

For me, that implies the writer is more padding the story.

There was plenty of other plot points I was interested in, so I tried to push on. But I couldn’t take it anymore by the 12th chapter (that probably could’ve fit in 6 or 7).
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New FabcyH
Jun 26, 2024
Status: c62
I’m really enjoying reading this novel. It’s an easy, slice of life read, the heroine is not too OP and is very humane. Side characters are well written, and the pace of the novel is steady but not too slow. The translator is doing a great job. I’m up to chapter 62 and will continue reading. Leaves me feeling happy after reading :)
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Mar 01, 2024
Status: c76
MTLed to Chapter 76.

... more>>

Typical female MC transmigrated into otome game fantasy European land in contract marriage with stereotypical cold noble ML, one of the dateable leads as a “villainous” role. What really made me stay was the commitment to fleshing out the side characters. Cheering on the MC as she won them over. Building the infrastructure and developing product and land and people. I love these types of stories.

However, this MC has a clear “I am Japan and Japan mentality is good and I must see all humans as humans” etc etc etc. As a reader, my immersion broke when MC gets kidnapped and with less than a quarter of the chapter, forgives her kidnappers and makes everyone who was concerned about her safety also forgive them.

By this point, it is clear that end goal couple is MC and her husbando. Who at 76 chapters has not only no redeeming features, he’s also a super forgettable character that I want to skip over. Who of course has a hinted tragic backstory regarding his youngest sibling and how he sees hints of his youngest sibling in MC. Wtf bro, y’all married. I’m not here for pseudo in*est. (To be fair, this could be misconstrued cause MTL but when that came up... weird.)

Why is this couple predictable even though other dateable knight lead has been by her side all this time? Cause of how much the story constantly repeats how she would not survive as a divorcee. There is no way this woman who has done some incredible things to raise this village could possibly survive social suc*de. She would have to become... a nun!!! MC doesn’t believe she’ll be okay. Her aides don’t believe she’ll be okay. Her villagers don’t think she’ll be okay not being noble (and married). Her husbando... doesn’t think she’ll be okay. But wait!

The whole premise of this story was her going and getting the rights to own this land and draw up a marriage terms contract and doing so much, was so that she would be okay. All of this build up just to be tossed out the window cause MC and ML gotta be together. OMG.

Also mild annoyance was new character introduction was third dateable lead, shota sickly crown prince of neighboring country whose super duper powerful magic (with no context of how much) has to stay with her cause politics. And some reason, she has to heal this guy even though true Heroine was slated to be savior. But don’t worry, of course he’s important. They eat her newly invented mozzarella cheese together and have a picnic.


TLDR, first few chapters are nice. Later gets boring. I’ll reread “Common Sense of a Duke’s Daughter” to get my fix of female MC building towns. Maybe someone could tell me if it gets better after ch 76... <<less
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May 24, 2024
Status: c79
A very well written but incredibly tedious story.

The characters, their lifestyles, and even relationships are so realistic that it almost feels like im reading a 16th century diary of a noblewoman with an absolute dry ham sandwich of a husband.

The author put forth a lot of effort into proper research in agriculture as well as the people's lives back then so I enjoyed it some despite the way the plot was heading towards not a woman finding her own happiness but another story of a FL forgiving her husband's neglect... more>> and cruelty.

Besides the downsides of so many bogged down details and the cardboard cutout of a cold Duke husband I would recommend this to anyone with a sincere interest in history. <<less
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