Tasty, Not Sweet


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Chinese pastry chef Shu Yanyan crossed over to the interstellar world and found an Alpha beauty who had lost her memory. The beauty was obedient and sweet, and Shu Yanyan couldn’t resist her charms. They quickly fell in love and gave birth to an incredibly adorable baby girl.

Unfortunately, their happiness didn’t last long as her beautiful wife disappeared before their child even turned one year old.

Shu Yanyan was heartbroken but didn’t give up hope. She raised their baby on her own while working hard to earn money, hoping to hire the best agency to find her missing wife.

Two years later, she saved up enough money and traveled to a neighboring Empire to seek better opportunities. On this particular day, which happened to be the celebration day of the Huaqi Empire, every tall building projected the image of a person along with a text:

[The Emperor has recovered from her illness, and the selection of the Empress Consort is about to begin.]

As Shu Yanyan looked at the face of the female “Emperor” she fell into deep contemplation.

Wasn’t this her missing beautiful wife from two years ago?!

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New kayqi rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: Completed
Spoiler free: The story was okay. Honestly, I got a little tired as soon as they got together. There was a bit of drama, but it didn't play out long enough. It was just a cute story about an omega and alpha couple who had a baby, alpha lost memory, omega was alone taking care of baby, then years later the alpha comes back and wins the omega back and cares for the baby. Of course, there's more to it, but that's basically the whole story. There were a major... more>> plot hole which bothered me the entire story which kinda ruined the whole thing for me once I finished it because I was hoping at least they would explain or fix the plot hole, but there was nothing at the end.


The plot hole was that the alpha basically had amnesia and her memories never came back. The thing that bothered me the most was that even though we found out that the alpha was the missing wife and the other mom of the daughter, the omega accepted her right away. There was no 'but you're a different person now' type of thing. The omega just was like 'its u!! but im going to have a little hard time loving u... but I love you!'. She was just 100% ok with it. I guess I kinda wanted something more like 'I woke up to find I have a child' with the amnesia. But, that just bothered me. And for the plot hole, I guess I wanted her to have her memories back or somewhat have her memories back. She fell in love with the omega love at first sight and after finding out she's actually the mom and past lover of the omega, she also was just 100% down.


all in all, I guess if you just want something sweet, suggestive, and short. this is for u.

oh but translation is great. some pronouns be messed up but overall, its good. <<less
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