Tấm Cám – An Ill-fated Tale


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A story that goes against the original plot. Here, Tấm, the heroine, appears gentle but has a vicious heart. Cám, the ‘evil’ step-sister, is sour on the outside but soft on the inside. The lovesick and deeply attached Crown Prince soon discovers the truth.

Meeting each other is fate, but the three of them are ill-fated.

(Based on the Cinderella-esque Vietnamese fairytale of Tấm Cám)

Author’s Note:

– Contradicting for fans of Tấm and young people who follow history books.

– This is the nth version of the fairy tale Tấm Cám. The larger details are still there, but the characters have been changed by the author.

– In short, I am a fan of Cám, and an anti-fan of Tấm, so I especially welcome those of you who share the same views.

– Finally, thank you for your interest in reading.

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Tấm Cám Nghiệt Duyên Truyện
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shizzlenut rated it
May 26, 2024
Status: Completed
I am the translator for this novel, this was my first time translating so some parts can be a bit rough, but I hope people are still able to enjoy it. On to the story:

This is a historical BE tragedy that revolves around 3 people; Tam, Cam, and the Crown Prince. In the original fairytale, Cam was the supposed evil step-sister who, along with her mother, mistreated Tam and was the main reason why Tam and the Crown Prince couldn't be together, until Tam took revenge and killed her. She... more>> was in love the Prince, but her love was never reciprocated.

This story attempts to tell the Vietnamese story but in Cam's perspective. There are a lot of fantastical elements involved (Tam's numerous reincarnations) due to it being a fairytale. You can still read it without knowing the background and origin.

It is told in 3 parts:

1/ Cam's perspective

2/ Crown Prince's perspective

3/ Tam's perspective <<less
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