Sword Art Online – Cordial Chords


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Cordial Chords (コーディアル・コード) is an SAO side story written by Kawahara Reki that was released with the Japanese Limited Edition Blu-Rays and DVDs of Ordinal Scale. This side story is a sequel to the events of the movie.

Kirito decides to retire from Ordinal Scale. When he starts initializing the data, he gets a message from Yuna for his desktop mascot app. Kirito opens the message and installs the content to say goodbye to the AR idol, but she says “Kirito, help me” with strange gestures. Is this a new gimmick for the app or …?

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/10/18 Dreadful Decoding part6
03/23/18 Dreadful Decoding part5
03/12/18 Dreadful Decoding part4
02/27/18 Dreadful Decoding part3
01/21/18 Dreadful Decoding part2
01/09/18 Dreadful Decoding prologue + part1
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